Oct 29, 2002 6:26 AM

The Anaheim Angels were a popular World Series champion in Las Vegas, but Kevin Appier just doesn’t bring in dough.

"The line is predicated on pitchers, so when guys like Appier are pitching in the World Series, just how much juice can you lay?" said John Avello, race and sports director as Bally’s/Paris Las Vegas.

Betting was off from last year even though two West Coast teams played. Avello said the close proximity to Vegas really isn’t a factor.

"This is a national destination," he said. "I don’t think it matters where the teams come from. Vegas has supporters from all over the country. Certainly it would have helped if the Yankees were in. There is a lot history between the Yanks and Giants."

The Angels-Giants matchup proved to be thrilling encounters to view, if not to bet.

"For betting, this Series was off," Avello said. "It was a Series matching two teams pretty close in talent and that created a lot of excitement. I mean it drew quite a bit of money into the books, but baseball was down all year in betting and the Series didn’t change anything."

Not even Barry Bonds and his incredible 1.500 slugging percentage was able to carry the betting interest, especially at the Nevada/California border near Stateline.

"This is So Cal country so the Angels were a big favorite here," said Glynis Mickelian, race and sports director at Primadonna. "Our bettors liked the Angels to win the Series despite trailing 3-2 in games."