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How to win ‘outside’

Nov 5, 2002 12:59 AM

   Placing the outside numbers (4,5,9 and 10) offers higher payoffs than the 6 or 8 because they don’t roll as often. But the vigs are higher too — for the 4 and 10 the casino advantage is 6.6% and for the 5 and 9 it is 4.4%.

   But is there a way to bet outside so they produce better profits?

   Let’s find out.

   To turn these outside numbers into profit makers you need to buy then all instead of place them. You should be able to buy the 4 and 10 for $39 each and only pay $1 each vig. Likewise you should be able to buy the 5 and 9 for $38 each and also only pay $1 each to do so. Be sure to ask the dealer first if this is OK. If not, just wait for a different dealer or go to another table.

   You should also pay at a casino that only takes the vigs on winning bets. This way, you’ll shave the casino edge down to it’s very minimum and win more money and comps!

   If you have $38 each on the 5 and 9 and, $39 each on the 4 and 10, you will win $57 on the 5/9 and $78 on the 4/10. In 36 theoretical rolls, you should win 14 times — three times each on the 4 and 10, and four times each on the 5 and 9. So you should win a total of $924 ($468 + $154).

   The seven however; should roll six times and if you somehow manage to have all four bets up each time it does, you lose $154($38 x 2 + $39 x 2) each for a grand total of, surprise, $924 (6 x $154).

   Assuming you play at a casino that only charges the vig when you win, this means all you’re out is $14 in vig for your 14 wins. This also is a terrific way to get comps!

   And it gets better. You don’t have to leave all four bets up until they all lose to the seven. If you take all four bets down if any one hits you’ll be way ahead — and still get the comps!

   You have a total of $154 on the table (to maximize comps), are playing at a good casino (that only charges vig on winning bets) and are taking your bets down after one hit (to minimize sevens and maximize profits).

   Craps doesn’t get much better than this!

   The next time you play, give this Outside Numbers System a try!

   And, as always, good luck at the tables!