Road dogs pay big

Nov 5, 2002 5:34 AM

   If you stayed at home with your money last weekend you were in deep trouble.  Only two home teams covered the point spread. You were much safer taking your money on the road. Or, you could just play every darn dawg on the board and win plenty of dough! That’s been the same story for eight out of the nine NFL weekends.

   EAGLES (-8) over Colts: Rare November Cinco de Mayo party at Veterans Stadium this Sunday. Philly fans will stuff Peyton Manning with candy and place a helmet with a horseshoe on his head. Eagles defense will then beat him like a pinata.

   Bengals (+5½) over RAVENS: Dick LeBeau won’t guarantee victory here. I wonder if he’ll promise a cover? Bengals broke the goose egg and I don’t think they’ll be satisfied with just one win. The one week winning streak will continue in Baltimore.

   Lions (+8½) over PACKERS: Harrington didn’t strike fear into the hearts of Cowboys’ secondary. But he did put a stake through their heart with a couple of clutch throws in the final seconds. The young QB has found a way to win three of the last five games. Harrington will find a way to put enough points on the board to win the money at Green Bay. Week three the Lions put up 31 points against Packers.

   VIKINGS (-1) over Giants: Both clubs seem to be searching for answers. G-men looked much improved on offense Sunday night. I’m betting Kerry Collins will have trouble putting two good games together. Vikes found some answers at home versus Chicago two weeks ago. The offense is starting to move the chains. Home sweet home should look inviting after last Sunday’s ambush at Buccaneer Bay!

   Falcons (+5) over STEELERS: Jerome Bettis is scheduled to return. Steelers looking like possibly the best team in the AFC. But Atlanta is one of the NFC elite. With Duckett and Vick in same backfield, Falcons feel like they have Earl Campbell and Gale Sayers back there.

   Chargers (+6) over RAMS: Rams on a three-game win streak after losing first five. Chargers will be the toughest team they’ve faced in four weeks. This will be the acid test for the Rams to see if they’re back in action! Chargers have to be wondering if the bye week ruined all their momentum.

   TITANS (-10) over Texans: Houston has already won two games this year. Isn’t that the limit for an expansion team? Carr trying to carry this team on his back and the shoulders aren’t broad enough.

   Saints (-4) over PANTHERS: Hard to bet against the Panthers when their defense gives up such few points. That unit must be tired after nine weeks of carrying the entire load. Panthers QB, whoever it turns out to be, still a big question mark.

   Skins (+3) over JAGS: Since Spurrier calmed down the Run-”˜N-Gun, Stephen Davis and the defense have stormed onto the field. Jags and Brunell may have taken one too many blows to the head.

   CARDS (-3) over Seahawks: Clueless in Seattle. Neither team seems to know why they’re struggling. Plummer’s not sure whether to blame himself or the fact that they have very little rushing attack. Matt Hasselbeck will be sleepless in Seattle from a knockout bum rush if the offensive line doesn’t improve.

   Pats (-4) over BEARS: Pats will find the D a little tougher this Sunday in Chicago. But the QB they’ll be facing will be no Drew Bledsoe. Should be able to squeak out the win against a Bears team that’s lost six straight.

   Chiefs (+6) over NINERS: Difficult to wager against a club that routinely puts 30 points on the scoreboard every Sunday. Tough game to tackle because Niners are very good. Niners would be my pick from NFC at halfway mark to play in Super Bowl. Take the points in what appears to be an inflated line by a couple digits.

   JETS (+5) over Dolphins: Scary the way Jets flew into San Diego with guns blazing. Santana Moss is one of those big weapons. Chad Pennington looks like the real deal. Fish swimming upstream with short week. Jets have shot to avenge embarrassing 30-3 beating earlier this season.

   BRONCOS (-4½) over Raiders: Oakland is an easy mark right now. Raiders have lost four in a row. Might be hard to avoid number five at Denver. How do you bet against Shanahan with two weeks to prepare a game plan?


   LAST WEEK: 4-8-2 (Includes Giants loss last Monday night versus Eagles)

   SEASON: 68-53-8

   BEST BETS: 14-9-3