Bettors grade Aon college lines

Nov 5, 2002 7:36 AM

   In college football, the bettors continued where they left off from last week.

   Out of the 15 games with line movements of 2½ points or more, the bettors won 10. That brought the total over the last two weeks to 18-6-1 (75 percent).

   Overall, players held a 22-13-10 edge (62.8 percent) over the house in games on the Stardust rotation. That’s slightly higher than last week’s 25-17-7 (59.5 percent).

   The most intriguing wiseguy victory came in the Idaho-UL Lafayette Contest. Idaho opened as a 1½-point favorite but Lafayette wound up a solid 4-point choice. If you caught the scent early, Lafayette’s 31-28 victory was to your liking.

   Another smart line move was Kansas State climbing from a 30-to-35 point favorite over Kansas. K-State coach “Run’em Up” Bill Snyder again lived up to his name in a 64-0 rout. The Wildcats are the biggest bully in college football.

   Don’t feel too sorry for the house. They cleaned up on UCLA-Washington. The visiting Bruins opened at a 1½-point favorite and closed as a 3-point dog. Coach Bob Toledo was jubilant after the 34-14 road win at Seattle. The Huskies are now a brutal 0-5 ATS at home.

   The NFL brought its usual spills and thrills, especially from the road teams. Visitors won nine of the 13 games played Sunday, including the carnage at San Diego.

   San Diego coach Marty Schottenheimer said on a local television show that He gave his team four days off due to the bye week. Well, Marty may be thinking twice about that next time after is Chargers were shelled by the New York Jets, 44-13.

   The loss could also be blamed on the beautiful throwback powder blue Uniforms from the old American Football Conference days. Those uniforms are the prettiest in sports, but to bettors they may as well have been Seattle ugly.

   The other big winners were New England, where Tom Brady returned to Super Bowl form against the Bills and Drew Bledsoe. Maybe the fair-weather Patriots fan will appreciate the QB they have and forget about the one the team traded.

   Also, Cincinnati coach Dick LeBeau guaranteed a victory against Houston and he came through with flying colors. Unfortunately, the Bengals can’t play the Texans every week and the playoffs still look like Mt. Everest.

   The early lines for next week’s games appear to be good for the Bengals, Falcons and Chiefs. All three teams are on the road and underdogs by five or more points. The Ravens are a six-point pick over Cincy, which appears a bit too many against a team with some momentum.

   The Chiefs get six points at San Francisco, which comes off the thrilling win over Oakland and is probably ready for a letdown. Atlanta and the Michael Vick show catch five at Pittsburgh, which had its own bitter rivalry win last week at Cleveland.


   MAJOR MOVES — 2.5 pts or higher

   (bettors 10-5-0)

Team    Open   Close Score   Win

ColoSt-AF   A-1.5 C-1.0   C 31-12   B

Mary-UNC    M-10.0   -15.0  M 59-7   B

W.Mich-BallSt   W-3.5   -6.5   B 17-7   H

C.Mich-E.Mich   C-12.5   -9.5   C 47-21   H

Baylor-TxTech   B-28.0   -31.0  T 62-11   B

Kstate-Kansas   KS-30   -35.0  KS 64-0   B

Bgreen-Kent   B-17.0   -20.0  B 45-14   B

UCLA-Wash   U-1.5 W-3   U 34-14   H

Marsh-Akron   M-20.0   -17.0  A 34-20   B

Ariz-OregonSt   A-14.0   -17.0  O 38-3   B

BoiseSt-UTEP   B-31.0   -34.0  B 58-3   B

Haw-SJoseSt   H 24.0   -26.5  H 40-31   H

ULMon-NTex   -14.5  -17.5   NT 41-2   B

Idaho-LaLaf   I-1.5   L-4.0   L 31-28   B

MTSU-NMxSt   M-3.0 -7.0   N 24-21   H

B--bettors, H--house, P””push