Live BJ headed for PCs

Nov 12, 2002 12:54 AM

   Omicron Technologies Inc. has acquired all of the rights, titles and interests in a live interactive, remotely played Blackjack Game that it hopes to develop with Station Casinos. Omnicron acquired the rights from MXM Media Services, Inc. of Las Vegas.

   The game is jointly owned with Stations, and Omicron will manage the completion of the development of "BJ-Live."

   The game can be played on a PC, and it consists of multiple tables where live dealers interact with the seated players in a real casino.
   At present, up to seven players can play simultaneously at one table, just as with casino blackjack, and software enables players to stand, hit, double down, split, buy insurance and even surrender. PC players can even tip the dealer with a click of a button!

   BJ-Live's added features include time-outs to keep game play moving along, and players are permitted to sit out a few hands without losing their seat if they need a short break.

   For players who desire a particular seat, a waitlist and notification system exists to let them know when their seat becomes available. The game interface consists of various fields and buttons. The player's current balance is displayed along with his bet amount, the card total value, and a status bar that provides useful personalized messages to the player. Hand indicators display player nicknames and will highlight when an action is required. A digital clock is used to count down the time a player has left to make an action. The game interface also has text chat for communication with other players and the dealer.

   "Although live interactive gaming has been around for a while, we believe that BJ-Live is the ultimate blackjack experience in extra-casino gambling,” said Omicron CEO Sak Narwal. “We look forward to completing the development of this unique product and continuing our efforts to becoming the leader in providing live interactive gaming products for land-based casinos and bingo operators throughout the world. We expect to showcase this technology and have BJ-Live up and running by the end of this year.”

   Omnicron is encouraged by the financial potential presented by the BJ Live game. Each table is estimated to generate $278,000 annually in revenue and $135,000 in net income. With only 200 tables operating, annual revenues would be approximately $55 million producing a net income of $27 million, officials said.

   Omicron Technologies, Inc. acquires, provides R&D and markets leading edge technologies and Internet-based business concepts. Through a combined strategy of targeting specific market niches and delivering unique products with wide appeal, OMCN intends to gain significant penetration into these markets.