Trial was a no-win situation for Winona

Nov 12, 2002 2:01 AM

   Say it ain’t so , Winona! Although she was convicted of two counts for apparently walking out with $5,000 worth of merchandise, Winona Ryder won’t face jail time. The question is, why did she face this ridiculous trial in the first place?

   Statistics show that out of 5,000 shoplifting cases, Winona’s was the first to go to trial with such ludicrous charges as vandalism included. I guess the L.A. district attorney’s office wanted to make an “example” of Winona. At least they finally won a case. Remember, it was the L.A. prosecutors who fouled up the OJ trial, as well as McMartin and every other “celebrity” or high profile case they ever prosecuted.

   As for Winona, I doubt she returns to Saks to complete her Christmas shopping. Perhaps she should schlep to Vegas and do her shopping at the Fashion Show.

   (How about that for a seque!)

   It’s a wonderful life at the Fashion Show Mall: Have plastic, will shop! Las week it was Bloomingdale’s that we welcomed, this week it’s Nordstrom. What a great addition to the Las Vegas shopping scene. This is a clothes tree’s dream come true; it’s a fashion plate’s Valhalla! Give me my credit card and turn me lose! Nordstrom, I love you!

   Add these shopping giants to Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and the others, and it’s a shopping freak out!

   Also opening at the Fashion Show is the marvelous California Pizza Kitchen. While Wolfgang Puck might be credited with starting the designer pizza craze, CPK elevated it to an art form. This is the home of the original barbecue chicken pizza, which was debuted at the Beverly Hills restaurant 17 years ago (I was there as well, with my hand extended, perched for freebies).

   Other great treats at CPK include Carne Asada Pizza, Sicilian Pizza and Peking Duck pizza. The place is also famous for its super salads. They’re huge (you can get a half order — do it if you expect to eat a pizza with it) and include such wonderful offerings such as the barbecue chicken chopped salad with black beans, sweet corn, jicama, cheese, tortilla strips, barbecue chicken, chopped lettuce and a garden herb dressing. Don’t miss this great eatery.

   Just received my invitation to Beauty and the Beast opening at the Aladdin on November 13. This should be a great show.

   I’m also looking forward to an invitation for Mama Mia, which is getting ready to open at Mandalay Bay. Mama Mia’s cast is in place. This is another trend-setter for the city.

   Over at the Aladdin, the “X” Show, a new topless variety show has the wonderful Natasha Bernasek and the sensational John Padon, who most recently starred in Midnight Fantasy. This man is hilarious, has done the comedy club circuit, and now deserves his own sitcom. Maybe his time had finally arrived.

   Where is Pamela Anderson and Kidd Rock? Where is the wedding?

   Hey speaking of weddings, J. Lo and Ben Affleck are engaged, or at least rumor has it. Did you see that huge rock on her finger? Let’s see, is this number three or four for J. Lo? She must have one of those wash and wear wedding dresses. I guess she’ll keep doing it until she gets it right.

   Over at the Sahara Hotel and Casino they are gearing up to host a New Year’s VIP Gala along with the Sahara’s 50th Anniversary.

   Dirk Arthur and “The New Art of Magic” must have hit a home run at the Silverton Hotel. They are adding an additional Sunday Matinee. Way to go, Dirk!

   I went to the Flamingo to see Second City once again, my God! The show is even better the second time around. Maybe the Flamingo, with stars like Gladys Knight, the Amazing Johnathan (the funniest man in Las Vegas), and not to be outdone, Breck Wall’s Bottoms Up, is on an upswing. I think so!

   At the Bootlegger, Lorraine Hunt and all the well-wishers of who’s who and the hoi polloi, were celebrating her victory in the Lt. Governor’s race and patting her on the back. Congratulations Lorraine.

   Put a little Irish in your life. Be sure to check out McMullan’s Irish Pub across the street from the Orleans. The place opens this week and I’m excited. Expect to find great food (what a wonderful chef!), great drink, great games and great fun. It will all add up to a well, great place!

   Looking for a great evening of entertainment? Check out the Stardust’s show-dinner combination featuring the marvelous Bob Anderson, garnished with a side dish of steak, lobster or a fantastic buffet. It’s Vegas at its best, the way it used to be.