Beverly Hillbillies looking for new mansion

Nov 12, 2002 5:48 AM

   The proposed Beverly Hillbillies Mansion & Casino is looking for a new home.

   According to former Hillbillie Max Baer, Jr., (Jethro Bodine), who has been planning the Mansion/Casino for the past seven years, it must now find a new location. The casino was originally planned to be built by the Park Lane Mall in Reno, Nevada.

   Baer had all his licenses approved — even the FAA approved the 240-foot Oil Derrick that would shoot 60 to 80 foot flames out of the top every 20 minutes.

   Now, it’s just not going to happen.

   “The Mall’s stock recently plummeted and they were unable to come up with the funds to revamp the property,” Baer said, “and I was just not willing to spend the $25-35 million dollars to do it for them.”

   His vision and enthusiasm has not diminished, though.

   “I’m looking for a new location, hopefully somewhere in the Carson Valley, or in Douglas County,” Baer said.

   Baer wants the Mansion/Casino to be a family place, a place where locals and tourists alike would feel at home and have fun.

   “A place where I myself would be serving drinks, dealing cards, and driving the limousine. I want everything to be on a more personal level.” Baer said. “Like in the old days when the owners would come down to greet and socialize with people. People like that, it makes them feel important.”

   Baer said today’s casinos have lost the personal touch.

   “Now they have hosts to do that, but it’s just not the same.” Baer said. “I want people to be like, ”˜Hey, I’m going over to see Max for dinner,’ and then they’ll ask for a comp to the show and I’d say ”˜Sure, what time do you want to go?’ I want it to be like that.”

   While Baer continues to work for a new location for his Beverly Hillbillies-themed casino, he will be in Las Vegas to promote the Beverly Hills slot machine line recently released by IGT.

   The machines were first made public at the Gaming Expo two years ago. The first nickel slot machines are now being played at the Hollywood Casino, and Boomtown Casino in Louisiana.

   The machines will debut at the Texas, Santa Fe, and Palace Stations on Nov. 14, with Baer on hand to make the first pull. He’ll also be appearing at Boulder Station on the 15th, Green Valley Ranch on the 16th, and finishing out at Sunset Station on Nov. 20, before he returns home to Lake Tahoe.

   Stations Casinos are the first ones to get the Beverly Hills slots in Nevada. They are the first penny machines that are linked to a mega jackpot, and the only penny slots with an easy pay, ticket in-ticket out system. The jackpots start at $200,000. It took IGT two years to convert the machines from nickels to pennies. Machines include Rags to Riches!, Clampett’s Cash, and Moonshine Money slot machines.