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Bank on Michigan to hang with Ohio St.

Nov 19, 2002 3:52 AM

   Saturday, Nov. 23

   MICHIGAN (+5) at Ohio St.: What a great game this will be for ABC national audience and this bitter rivalry. Buckeyes looking for a shot at national championship and there’s nothing Michigan would like better than to knock them out. Points look huge here in dog-oriented series. Take the short and go to the bank. $$$.

   MICHIGAN ST. (+21) at Penn St.: Disastrous season finally coming to an end. Look for a big effort here at an inflated number.

   ALABAMA (-10) at home against Auburn: This will be Tide’s bowl game as next week they travel to Hawaii for final game and some vacation time. Bama will be all over Tigers as they vent all their frustrations in their final conference game. Lay the number as Tide puts forth maximum effort for the national CBS audience. $$$.

   NC STATE (+5) at home against Florida State: Last game for Wolfpack, who will go all out to try and knock off Seminoles and solidify top bowl spot. FSU still has Florida to look forward to next week and might overlook a very stout Pack.

   TULANE (+5) at home against So. Miss: Tulane has been above average in the cover department, despite the Army effort. So. Miss has been one of the worst cover teams of the year and things won’t change here. Favorite is 5-0 in last five in this series. Take the small number.

   WASHINGTON (+9) at Wash St.: The Huskies had high hopes at the beginning of this season but just never measured up. Will be out to stop Wash St. express in this dog-oriented series (dog 8-2 ATS in last 10). Washington puts forth top effort in its final game.

   HAWAII (-6) at home against Cincinnati: Bearcats here for the sun. Very focused Rainbows can make no mistakes in their bowl quest. Hawaii will overwhelm Cincy before they know what surfboard hit them. Rainbows in a rout as they await their shot at Bama. $$$.

   Last week: 6-3.

   Season: 64-52-1.


   Sunday, Nov. 24

   BEARS (-3) at home against Lions: Detroit can’t play indoors and really won’t be able to get its act together in this atmosphere. Bears chew up Lions in their winter wonderland to the delight of Chicagoland.

   SAINTS (-6) at home against Browns: Cleveland’s season is slipping away and will get another shove here. New Orleans offense will just be too much for Browns to deal with. Saints roll.

   BENGALS (+10) at Steelers: Cincy got hammered at home earlier in the season by Pittsburgh. Puts forth a much better effort here. Take the big spread as Steelers may let them in the back door.

   RAMS (-4) at Washington: St. Louis very focused and Skins point production has dwindled lately. Rams playing every game life and death. Lay the smallish number.

   EAGLES (+7) on the money line at San Francisco: Eagles to play like Super Bowl team in front of ABC national audience. We like the Eagles on the money line as well.

   Last week: 1-3

   Season: 30-22-3.