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Bingo hits the spot (hopefully!)

Nov 25, 2002 11:25 PM

   In the last few years, Bingo has become a popular casino game, mostly at local casino resorts such as Stations, Coasts, Arizona Charlie’s, The Palms, Castaways, Ellis Island, Jerry’s Nugget, Silver Nugget and Sam’s Town, to name a few.

   Typically, the casino offers a full day of bingo sessions, starting from about 9 a.m. and running to 11 p.m. Bingo games cost anywhere from $3 to $10 to $20 and more. Games vary, as do the amenities.

   The Suncoast, for instance, offers eight Cashball Jackpots in addition to its regular Bingo Plus games. Free drinks are dispensed throughout the day, and players at the morning session get free donuts.

   The newest phenomenon to lure players is the progressive jackpot. A few bingo halls feature a huge jackpot for a coverall game. Some of the more popular progressive games can be found at Sam’s Town, Fiestas, Arizona Charlie’s and Stations.

   Progressive games such as these offer a high starting jackpot and continue to increase until they are won.  The game is normally a coverall and needs to be hit within a certain number, usually starting around 46 to 48 numbers or less, to win the jackpot. If the jackpot isn’t hit within a particular week, the number goes up by one, for example to 49 numbers or less to win it the following week. They usually continue to add one number each week until someone snags the big prize. (Stations reports that their $100,000 plus jackpot hits approximately once every 17 days!)   While the jackpots rise, all players who participate are adding to the pot with a percentage of their buy-in for the game.

   Sam’s Town “Even Bettor” Progressive begins at $20,000 for 48 numbers or less and increases by one number each week until won. Note: This is an individual one-room jackpot.  Some others, while offering a higher starting jackpot, are “linked” with their “sister” properties and you may be competing with as many as 2,000 people at a time.

   Fiestas calls their progressive game, “Grande Bingo.” This game features a linked progressive jackpot that begins at $25,000 and increases daily.  In addition to the gigantic progressive jackpot, there is a $400 consolation prize paid out every day and at every session if the progressive jackpot is not hit, for a total of $3,200 per day in consolation prizes.  Grande Bingo is played simultaneously at both Fiesta properties. The first game of every Bingo session is the Grande Bingo Progressive coverall.  The cost for Grande Bingo is $1 per card and players may play as many cards as they choose.  The pre-determined starting number begins at 46 or less to win the jackpot and increases by one number each week until a lucky winner grabs it!

   The grand-daddy of them all is at Stations, with a five-way linked progressive beginning at $100,000!   Cost to play is $1 and the starting point is 46 numbers or less, again adding one number per week until hit. Consolation prizes are good too, possibly as much as $5,000 within certain numbers, but always at least $1,199.