It’s automatic; side with dogs

Nov 26, 2002 2:45 AM

   Dawgs rule! It's automatic, nearly every week. Ten out of 12 weeks so far this season the dogs have covered more spreads than the favorites.

   Underdogs were 10-5 in covers last Sunday. And again I ask myself, why put too much thought into these games each week? I should just stick with the dawgs.

   Pats (-5½) over LIONS: Marty's a real smarty pants. The guy who calls himself the head coach in Detroit won the coin toss to start overtime and opted to take the wind, allowing the Bears offense go down the field for the winning field goal. The only breeze inside the dome on Thanksgiving will be hot breath of Lions fans shouting for Mornhinweg's neck.

   Skins (pk) over COWBOYS: Dallas fans will be screaming for Clint Longley in the final seconds. Chad Hutchinson did his best Roger Staubach impression versus Jags. I want to see Chad repeat this act one more time before I'm a believer in the new scoring machine.

   BILLS (-1) over Dolphins: This game should mark the return of Jay Fiedler. Just when Ray Lucas was getting loosened up, heeeeere's Jay. I'm sure Ray is thrilled. Bills need to circle the wagons or the AFC East may be involved in a massacre.

   Bears (+10) over PACKERS: Green Bay had no problem with Bears in Week 4, winning by 13. I'm taking the points here with Packers coming off bruising game with Bucs. I think GB will look past Chicago and who could blame them? However, da Bears have been a great team to have you cash riding on and field goal kicker Edinger does not miss.

   BENGALS (+3) over Ravens: I feel win No. 2 coming here for the Bungles. Baltimore beat Cincy by 11 three weeks ago at home. Ravens take their low scoring show on the road. Defense will not be enough to stop hungry Cats. Home dogs were 5-2 last Sunday.

   BROWNS (-½) over Panthers: The four deuces (Johnson, Northcutt, Morgan, Davis) become more explosive wild cards if William Green keeps running like the No. 1 pick he is supposed to be. Panthers keep shuffling QBs, but each one appears to be a Joker.

   JAGS (+3) over Steelers: The Bus came back against Bengals. Maddox may return here. If not, Pittsburgh will stick with Kordell Stewart, who has been fine so far. But you never know when he might return to his old form. In which case, Jags would cover easy.

   CHIEFS (-9½) over Cards: The Chiefs are playing like guys who want to go to war. Cards tend to avoid confrontations. Arizona has no answer for Priest Holmes.

   VIKINGS (+4½) over Falcons: The Falcons have not lost in two months. Michael Vick appears to be unstoppable. So, it's difficult to bet against their side. But at this point, you have to figure they are overrated by just a smidge.

   GIANTS (-2½) over Titans: The G-men will bounce back after humiliating loss to Texans. Titans ended five-game winning streak. Difficult to see how they were able to string together five in a row after managing only four field goals at Baltimore.

   Broncos (+3) over CHARGERS: San Diego hasn't been the same lightning bolt since their bye five weeks ago. Only one win since then and they needed a miracle finish against Niners for that win. Schottenheimer has always struggled against the Broncos. It all started back in Cleveland!

   COLTS (-7) over Texans: The Colts have given fans a taste of what they were supposed to play like the last three weeks. Peyton Manning is a new man since Colts found the rushing attack.

   EAGLES (+4) over Rams: The Eagles D will be the reason Philly covers. Just be coy with the interceptions and Detmer will be OK for the cover. Rams in a bind with Bulger hurting and Warner trying to return from a season that was not terrific to begin with.

   49ERS (-11) over Seahawks: Can't get excited about betting Seattle. There's nothing not to get excited about if you're a Niners fan. They may be young and foolish at times, but they're very good.

   SAINTS (pk) over Bucs: Tampa Bay has to have an emotional letdown after Packers victory. Saints should be nasty after Browns made them look bad at home.

   Jets (+6) over RAIDERS: The Jets have won five of last six since their bye week. Chad Pennington is playing like Joe Namath and Curtis Martin has found the Fountain of Youth. Jets will be a great Monday night dawg to jump on early and often.

Last week: 8-7

Season: 89-78-8

Best Bets: 18-15-1