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Rebels looking like real Wynn-ers!

Nov 26, 2002 7:59 AM

   GO REBELS! UNLV Rebel fans got a glimpse of Magic Man Steve Wynn rooting the home team on to victory in Sunday night’s season opener against Portland State, 69-54. He and lovely wife, Elaine, sat in “Gucci Row” along with other Las Vegas swells. Mrs. Magic is one of the most loyal Rebel boosters and is usually in attendance at all the home games.

   And, Wynn watchers also reported a sighting Saturday night at the Zino Platinum cigar bash held at Light in Bellagio. The party, hosted by Naomi Campbell’s new public relations company, was attended by the likes of Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff and the Wayans Brothers.

   “I’LL SEND A PLANE FOR YOU!” In the old days, when Vegas was all about gambling, not gaming, casino owners thought nothing of sending a private plane to pick up a Big Player.

   When George Maloof put together his plans for the recent one-year anniversary celebration at Palms, he brought back the old days to bring in some of the party revelers. Two Gulfstream jets were sent to pick up Leonardo DiCaprio, Lennox Lewis, Rosario Dawson, Tara Reid, Macy Gray, Jamie Foxx and J.C. Chasez.

   P.T. BARNUM WAS RIGHT! Of course, you remember his motto. That’s correct, there’s a sucker born every minute.

   That thought came to mind the other day as I read an article in the Wall Street Journal describing the latest trends in spas, including a massage with no touching!

   It seems that tony establishments are offering the pricey service to those who would like their aura massaged. You simply lie on the table as you would for any massage and the attendant will move his hands over your body as though he’s massaging you, but he never touches you; he’s massaging your aura.

   When completed, clients remark how relaxed and refreshed they feel.

   I guess it’s hard to argue with results. But, in my opinion they probably just needed a nap, which they likely got while lying on the table waiting for something to happen.

   CASINO TAKES SPIN TO NEW HEIGHTS! You have to give the Tropicana an “A” for effort. The venerable Strip joint recently announced it would provide aerial acts, trapeze artists, gymnasts and acrobats in a show high above the casino floor.

   The display — which sounds similar to the three-ring circus that goes on overhead at Circus Circus — will last about 20 minutes per session. The performances take place four times a day, seven days a week, on a 20 foot by 22 foot stage that is surround by — you guessed it! — slot machines.

   The acts will be accompanied by music, singing, dancing and who knows what else. “The acts are truly amazing,” said Hector Mon, president and general manager of the Tropicana. “The talent is incredible. These acts are mesmerizing and we’re happy to have them performing here.”

   Easy for you to say, Hector. Have you ever tried playing high-stakes blackjack with a circus going on above your head? Can you imagine trying to double down with a man in spangled tights flying by your ear?

   But who knows, the show could bring new meaning to betting the spread!

   If all that excitement becomes too much, you can side-step over to the Trop’s Mezzanine level, where you can rejuvenate and otherwise seek nirvana in the Zen Zone. This little area is operated by a vendor who will provide a variety of health and relaxations products (for a fee, of course).

   The problem, for some, will be coming up with the fee for a full shiatsu massage after having lost all their money. But not to worry. I’m sure the Zen Zone masters have an easy pay plan.

   MAMA MIA! You can add Il Fornaio at Green Valley Ranch to the list of great, authentic Italian restaurants in Las Vegas. Recently, I had the pleasure of dining there and I was impressed. Everything was prepared to perfection.

   HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Mike and Sandy Mecca celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary earlier this month.