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Charo brings her Latin heat to the Aladdin

Dec 2, 2002 11:01 PM

   The Cuchi Cuchi girl, Charro, will be moving from the Sahara in a couple of weeks. The incendiary Latin will surface in mid-December at the Aladdin Hotel.

   The other morning I went to the press review of Mama Mia. Mandalay Bay unveiled coming attractions for this new show as tickets went on sale. The show’s scheduled to open in February of 2003 but the hype has already begun. Let’s hope it lives up to the previews. So far, so good.

   There’s magic everywhere you look all over Las Vegas and one of our best, Lance Burton, has set out with a new marketing strategy for his show. Also, the Paris Hotel is working to support Andre Phillipe-Gagnon, another sleight-of-hand artist.

   Over at the Stratosphere they’re making their own magic with the hit show, American Superstars. This is a super show that keeps adding new attractions.

   Despite the quirkiness of The Blue Man Group at the Luxor, they continue to keep their show current and continue to sell out every night.

   The same goes for Penn & Teller at the Rio — you can never anticipate the action of these guys.

   I had a wonderful time with the Rio’s afternoon star, Ronn Lucas. This is a soulful and very gentle man and I find him to be different, exciting and fun but really sincere.

   It’s the beginning of Monti’s Top 10 list for 2002. With so much talent and so many shows picking 10 shows/headliners isn’t easy.

   Number one on the list, once again, goes to Clint Holmes. In addition to Clint’s talent, energy and updated shows, he always manages time to do a lot of charity work in town.

   I can’t talk about top 10 without including Frank Marino in La Cage. This female impersonator has brought “drag” to a whole new level.

   A close second is Kenny Kerr who deserves a room of his own. Someone out there, find Kenny a room!

   For personality and endurance it’s the cuchi, cuchi girl herself, Charo, at the Sahara (soon to be at the Aladdin). You have to hand it to her, she’s such a trooper, a fighter and an entertainer’s entertainer. With her Flamenco guitar and variety show, who else can make the Sahara work but Charo?

   For overall variety show, I must tip my hat to Jubilee. It’s lavish, costumed spectacular and portrays what Las Vegas used to be. In my estimation this is a must see show.

   In the category of adult shows, Midnight Fantasy at the Luxor gets my vote. Not just a topless revue, the show has color, depth and entertainment value. The rest is just copy.

   And now to the beef-cake scene — and who would have thought there could arise such a genre? It’s Chippendales at the Rio and Thunder from Down Under at the Excalibur. Equal time for the boys.

   The magicians of the century, Sigfried & Roy, are on everyone’s list. With a lifetime contract and every night a sell-out, you might be surprised to know they’re actually a couple of nice guys.

   For a family show we have the Scintas at the Rio. With a new four-year contract they’ve earned their way and are big, big time. Hooray for Buffalo, a family business, a family show.

   When it comes to comedians, it has to be Rita Rudner. Rita has her own television talk show and has gone from the MGM Grand to New York-New York proving that a woman comic can hold her own in this town.

   In the abrupt closing category, the Oscar goes to Darren Romeo. Couldn’t find an audience for his afternoon show. Could it have been the price of the ticket? They say Darren is being groomed for a nighttime show.

   We also have to honor Cirque du Soleil, which already has Mystere and O in town, with a possible six more shows headed to town. At this rate, I’m going to have to learn to speak French!

   Gladys Knight proved us all wrong by headlining at the Flamingo. And the funniest man in town, the Amazing Johnathan, will soon be moving his hysterial schtick to the Strip.

   At the MGM Grand, the classiest adult show in town is La Femme, the Crazy Horse revue director from Paris, France. Will it find an audience?

   Things to come besides Mama Mia at Mandalay Bay include Celine Dion’s new show at Caesars Palace. With a 4,000 seat Colloseum, can she pack it every night? Guess that remains to be seen. And believe, it will be worth seeing.