Falcons will pull upset at Tampa

Dec 3, 2002 6:55 AM

   Games for week ending Dec. 9

   Patriots 27, Bills 17: Buffalo coming off its best game of the season upending Miami 38-21 in a snowstorm. Pats wiped out Bills earlier this year. More of the same could be in store. PATRIOTS (-4).

   Panthers 17, Bengals 13: Cincy came awful close to winning its second game of the season, but the 99-yard interception was a killer. Bengals lose another. PANTHERS (-3).

   Browns 24, Jaguars 20: Cleveland kicking itself for blowing chance to gain some ground in playoff race. Loss to Carolina was hard to take. The Browns make amends here. BROWNS (+3).

   Chiefs 31, Rams 24: St. Louis looking like a team up against it. Chiefs are hungry and looking to eat raw meat. Stick a fork in the Rams, they’re done. CHIEFS (-2).

   Steelers 34, Texans 9: Pittsburgh smells a playoff berth and the Texans don’t have the firepower to stop it. No matter which Steelers QB starts, they get the job done with ease. STEELERS (-12½).

   Falcons 20, Bucs 16: The Bucs can’t beat this team by kicking field goals, unless they come up with six of them. Michael Vick is one of the most dangerous characters in the NFL. The Bucs are frightened. FALCONS (+3½).

   Colts 27, Titans 24: Battle for playoff spot gets heated. Indy defense improving and the offense is in high gear. High scoring game projected. Looks like 51 is easy. COLTS (+2), OVER.

   Redskins 20, Giants 16: The Giants keep falling on their face against lollypops. Washington a bit tougher, but not much. This is New York’s last chance to turn it around. They fail. REDSKINS (-2).

   49ers 24, Cowboys 19: The Dallas defense could bottle up San Francisco, but not for 60 minutes. The Niners score enough to eke out a win. COWBOYS (+5).

   Eagles 24, Seahawks 23: Seattle’s play on the upswing, while Philly hits the relax mode after finishing the difficult part of its schedule. Seahawks found scoring punch against 49ers, but points may be hard to come by here. SEAHAWKS (+5).

   Saints 27, Ravens 16: Baltimore is getting by offensively, but Saints outscore them at every turn. New Orleans needs to win. Baltimore needs a doctor. SAINTS (-3).

   Cards 24, Lions 20: Game could send pro football back to the Dark Ages. Shy away from this one. However, we are stuck with a selection. CARDS (-2).

   Jets 31, Broncos 27: New York and Denver fighting for its playoff lives. Nothing left in the tank after this one. Chad Pennington and Curtis Martin come to the front for the New Yorkers. JETS (+1).

   Chargers 26, Raiders 24: Wide open play is the order of the day. Chargers fighting to keep their AFC West lead over the talented Raiders. CHARGERS (+3).

   Packers 27, Vikings 20: Minnesota has toughed these days but it’s not showing up in the win column. Vikings trying to get over a tough loss to Atlanta at home. On the road, Green Bay is real tough but this may be too many points. VIKINGS (+10).

   Dolphins 27, Bears 17: Chicago usually keeps things close, but eventually finds some way to lose. Miami doesn’t need much help from the Bears in this one. Fully capable of winning on their own. DOLPHINS (-8).