It’s a seller’s market for video poker systems

Dec 9, 2002 11:30 PM

   To those who’ve played video poker for the past 15 years or so, they’ve seen the game go through quite a few changes. New technologies have become critically important to the game, because high-speed/fun-to-play gambling machines mean more profits for the casinos.

   Also, slot club marketing has kicked it up a few notches in recent years, treating players with newfound respect while inviting them in as never before. Literally, millions of Americans love to play the game, and its popularity is growing as fast as the snowball can roll downhill.

   It’s inescapable that with such growth, the commercial side of the game would also expand. More fee-based sites promise to show you the way to riches — of course only after you recoup your membership dues and replace your brain with a computer chip. Practice programs telling you how many errors you make that you previously thought impossible seem to be best sellers. The only thing they DON’T tell you about is the mistakes you have absolutely no idea you are making when playing for real inside the casinos.

   Strategy cards were once the craze — then it died down a bit until they started laminating them for use as drink coasters. Books on how to “play like the experts” and win year after year continue to flood the market. The only problem is they all say the same thing, while the casinos still seem to be doing OK. In short it’s become a seller’s market, because people continue to lose, and they simply want to turn it around — whatever the cost.

   With all the games available, this new era really hasn’t produced any new or original thinking from those who have for years stood at the top of the heap as gurus of the game.

   All we get is the same old broken record: expert/computer-perfect/optimal play, probability theories, EV, long-term, full-pay/advantage games, incredible piles of comp junk to brag about, savvy slot club card use, etc. Has any of this worked for anyone? Has anyone actually had more fun arriving than traveling to get to the promised land? Then this is exactly the reason I chose to do something about it.

   So what’s this new era I’m always talking about? It’s one where those who choose to go public in their beliefs and teachings about the game are 100% open with the players they are trying to reach — without asking for their money in return. It’s one where those of us who have found a way to beat the machines take our methods out to the public instead of hiding behind our computers comfortably at home while our understudies continue to lose. And it’s one where winning doesn’t require us to play like robots to a hopeless mathematical tune, when all it really takes is common sense, discipline, and a short-term goal-oriented strategy. Yes the critics are out there awaiting our every move, and it is up to us to quiet them down.