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Still time for Hilton BJ tourney

Dec 9, 2002 11:47 PM

The big day at the Las Vegas Hilton is fast approaching when $1 million in cash will be awarded to one lucky blackjack player. Several winners have already received $20,000 for placing first in preliminary rounds.

Throughout the tournament, the Hilton is guaranteeing $57,500 in prize money for each of the monthly preliminary rounds.

Thus far, 16 people each month have qualified, for a total of 128 players to date. These select players are now eligible to compete for the guaranteed cash prize of $1 million.

The probability of winning the $1 million cash prize is currently 1 in 200 ”” once the player is qualified for the final round ”” significantly better odds than most slot jackpots or lotteries!

Entry into each preliminary tourney costs $1,000 and includes hotel accommodations for three nights at the Las Vegas Hilton, a souvenir tournament T-shirt plus the chance to play for the grand prize of $1 million. The following dates are the last four chances to qualify for the grand prize:

December 19-21, 2002

January 16-18, 2003

February 6-8, 2003

March 13-15, 2003 April 10-12, 2003 (final round)

In addition to the 192 tournament finalists who qualify in the monthly rounds, eight players will be chosen in a wild-card drawing to participate in the final round. All contestants who enter the monthly preliminaries are eligible for the wild-card drawing.