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Danny Gans slots are smashing!

Dec 9, 2002 11:48 PM

Tickets to the Danny Gans’ regularly sold out show at the Mirage are rare and hard to come by for most folks looking to enjoy Gans’ amazing talents. Even rarer, perhaps, are the silver specialty coins Gans’ fans can win when playing the brand new Danny Gans slot machines at the Mirage. The machines debuted recently and are already a hit with the slot players and Gans fans.

There are four $1 machines and three 25¡ machines located on the slot floor of the Mirage. This early in their existence, the machines have already yielded multiple winners of the rare specialty coins, which come in two sizes (one worth $40 and the larger one worth $200). Already reaching pop culture status, the coins can be found on eBay going to the highest bidders.