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Over the interstate and through the desert...

Dec 9, 2002 11:54 PM

   As my readers must know by now, I have been galloping over the dusty I-15 trail to my Hollywood pals’ power luncheons and soirees.

   One of the great evenings that I had in LA, was a small intimate dinner held at Caffe Roma in Beverly Hills. If you haven’t heard the name Skip E. Lowe, he had the longest running cable show in Hollywood. He also has a new book out — Betty Grable Legs. This character makes me look tame!

   At our table was the great Mimi Hines, getting ready for a new show, Twentieth Century. She is going to recreate the role made famous originally by Imogene Cocoa — also the wonderful Lorna Luft, who just finished doing Gypsy, and hopes to bring it to Broadway.

   Hollywood has not changed — this columnist got more information than I can use!

   The talk is mostly about Ben Affleck and J. Lo (Ben just got voted the most sexiest man alive) — who have been spotted shopping all over Las Vegas. Ben is known for his generous tipping habits — what a pleasure to have a generous celebrity in town! That is the calling card of a true gentleman.

   Last weekend, Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones were a sell-out! They truly brought out all the celebrities, but the stand-out was Drew Barrymore — to me she is the quintessential star. Mick Jagger was strutting his stuff like a proud peacock, but rumors have it that there was disconcertion amongst the band members on stage.

   Did you all watch the Whitney Houston interview with Diane Sawyer? This columnist was a fan of the great diva — and she is putting out her first album in four years. Her own father is suing her for one hundred million! She was very uncomfortable to watch. In the same breath, Mariah Carey — who had a disastrous movie career with Glitter — a slump in her recording career, a nervous breakdown, seems to be recovering nicely. I will tell you all more when I attend the Billboard Awards. I will be doing a backstage exclusive for GamingToday.

   Have you read Las Vegas Life magazine? Mr. Popularity, Mr. Popularity — this columnist was received a nice honor.

   Celine Dion, A New Day, created by Franco Dragons is almost ready for previews. This is the most anticipated show in Vegas. Park Place has great hopes and is placing all their bets on this surefire hit.

   Over at the Bellagio, the wonderful show Cheval (this is a tent show) a circus format show featuring horses of every shape and color with acrobats incorporated into the scenarios.

   Remember you heard it here that Charo was moving from the Sahara to the Aladdin. This show has traveled from the Venetian, to the Sahara but the Aladdin will be a good home for her myriad talents. Charo who is always promoting, promoting, promoting, even on Hollywood Squares she plugs the show. You have got to give it to this great trooper. Stay tuned.

   Over at the MGM Grand, La Femme put a new marketing team together. Jay Leno was in town to do a special that will be on Friday.

   At the Paris, Andre Phillipe Gagnon has been doing better business in his new home.

   One of my favorite artists, Andy Warhol, who photographed me as a young man, will have a celebrity portrait exhibit at Bellagio. This is not to be missed!

   Wolgang Puck, the prolific restaurateur of Las Vegas, is doing great business. However, a divorce is happening after 19 years of marriage to Barbara, who helped him design many of his restaurants.

   Have you made your New Year’s reservations yet? Studio 54 will have the ultimate New Year’s party. Stay tuned for more New Year’s happenings.

   I want to thank all of my readers for the input that they have expressed and keep those e-mails coming in. I love hearing from you!