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Lions no match for Bucs in Detroit

Dec 10, 2002 6:06 AM

   Dolphins 23, Raiders 17: Tough game for home field advantage. Raiders double tough now, but Miami tougher at home. Dolphins rate a small favorite with QB Jay Fiedler having a game under his belt and aided by the running of Ricky Williams. MIAMI (-2).

   Falcons 31, Seahawks 17: Michael Vick was stymied by Bucs defense. That won’t happen here. Seahawks defense don’t hit as hard as the Bucs. Lay the points. ATLANTA (-10).

   Bills 24, Chargers 23: Feeling here is Chargers have run into proverbial wall. Gave it a good run, but now tank is low. Bills dangerous with Drew Bledsoe at QB and a fine bunch of wide receivers. But San Diego needs this game. SAN DIEGO (-2).

   Jets 24, Bears 18: Chicago may be banged up and having trouble winning, but will battle you to the final gun. Jets have their backs to the wall and need to sweep the board to have a chance at playoffs. Hate to give points on the road, but favor Pennington and the Jets speed. NYJ (-4).

   Bengals 20, Jaguars 17: Cincinnati scored 31 points vs. Carolina and still lost. Bengals won’t score that high the rest of the season. Still, we believe in miracles. CINCY (+3).

   Browns 27, Colts 20: The Browns get into more controversial finishes than the heroine in the Perils of Pauline serial. Boy, am I old! Colts reverted to form on defense. Feel it will carry over. CLEVELAND (+3).

   Bucs 27, Lions 7: Looks like Bucs are for real. Lions are a terrible team. Tampa Bay showing a newfound offense. Should glide through another victory on their way to the Super Bowl. Like taking candy from a baby. TB (-7).

   Ravens 17, Texans 16: All of a sudden the Texans are dangerous and capable of winning another game. We like the underdog. HOUSTON (+3).

   Saints 31, Vikings 13: New Orleans on its way to a playoff spot. The Vikings are in disarray and can’t stop them. Saints QB Aaron Brooks banged up, but 90 percent of the players in the NFL are that way. NEW ORLEANS (-9)

   Eagles 27, Redskins 12: It’s been touchy-feely since A.J. took over at QB for Philly. The Eagles defense makes life difficult for Spurrier, no matter which of the 10 quarterbacks he uses. PHILLY (-8).

   Steelers 26, Panthers 20: Pittsburgh, facing elimination from playoffs, will be playing like some desperados from the Old West. Panthers are no pushovers and will have some fight. CAROLINA (-8).

   Chiefs 34, Broncos 31: Kansas City is the most dangerous team in the NFL at this stage of the season. Both teams can’t afford another loss in an effort to make playoffs. KC (+3½).

   Giants 20, Cowboys 13: Dallas lost a heart-breaking game against the 49ers. All games in NFL go down to the wire. Giants are very erratic, but still have a chance to make the money games. NYG (-3½).

   49ers 26, Packers 20: Marquee game of the week favors Niners, who pulled miracle win out over Cowboys. No easy game here with homefield advantage up for grabs. SAN FRAN (-3½).

   Cards 38, Rams 34: Shootout at the OK Corral has nothing on this matchup between two teams with no place to go. Will be like a flag football game. ARIZONA (+9).

   Patriots 24, Titans 20: Tennessee no match for New England, which seemed to find its second wind. Titans have picked up their game, but not in the same class as defending Super Bowl champs. NEW ENGLAND (-2).