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Billboard Awards far from boring!

Dec 17, 2002 12:04 AM

   What a week: the National Finals Rodeo and the Billboard Music Awards. It was like playing cowboys and Indians!

   One day it was bucking broncos, the next it was rap singers. At the award ceremonies, I was there as a correspondent, alongside E!, Access Hollywood, the radiant Kate Maddox, and many other hangers-on.

   Perhaps the funniest thing was Justin Timberlake emerging from his limo with two bodacious nurses — attending his broken ankle (with which, rumor has it — he kicked Britney Spears out!).

   There were other equally amusing, though often pathetic happenings: Cher, who was given the Artist Achievement Award, wore a Bob Mackie maroon, see-through gown, and uttered several four-letter words that had to be bleeped. Now, Cher darling, you should know better.

   The host of the evening’s festivities was the funny Cedric The Entertainer, who definitely brought a different kind of slant to the hosting duties.

   Chris Tucker introduced the ever-vanishing Michael Jackson who must have parachuted in from Never Never Land. I thought he had wings! He won for the best selling THRILLER — the best selling album in history.

   For this columnist, the people who were the classiest, were Toby Keith, a true class gentleman, Brooks and Dunn, have done it again, and the following were the wrap-up of the winners:

   Nelly — Artist of the Year

   Ashanti — R&B hip/hop Artist of the Year

   Nickleback — Hot 100 Single of the Year (and by the way, were an extremely gracious group from Canada)

   Puddle of Mudd — Rock Artist of the Year

   Creed — Duo of the Year

   And my all time favorite was Annie Lennox, who captured the Century Award. She was fabulous accepting the honor via sattelite.

   I would like to thank the MGM for being a class act.

   The National Rodeo Finals — brought a great deal of action — cowboy hats, cowboys, chaps, spurs and lots of revenue into the Las Vegas economy.

   Here are some of the highlights of the week:

   Stardust had the great comedian Bill Engvall, and the Silverton had the good -ooking star, Chris LeDoux; all the hotels rounded up country acts to please the hip-hugger crowd.

   As sightings go, everyone had their eyes peeled for the J. Lo-Ben Affleck entourage. Their wedding will be on Valentine’s Day! What happened to the Pamela Lee wedding to Kid Rock? Kid Rock, who is a stud in the rock and roll world, is another in Pamela’s line of rockers. Tommy Lee has a new album out, and a new girl.

   One of the most undiscovered shows in town is at the Flamingo, Second City, which features great comedy; don’t miss it.

   For now, one more shopping week until Christmas. Remember, I wear a size 16 shirt, and adore linen. One more week until HO HO HO!