Slotbags keep coins safe

Dec 23, 2002 10:26 PM

Tired of fumbling over coins in the slot machine tray? Having a hard time picking up the coins in the bottom? Don’t like the grime that accumulates on your hands and clothing. Then, perhaps the Amazing Slotbag is for you.

You don't even have to handle those dirty coins at all, ever again. No more wasted time collecting those coins and missing that slot machine position because you couldn't get those coins out of the tray fast enough.

When the player chooses to take a break from playing, he can safely secure his winnings as he simply pulls on the drawstrings which closes the bag into a secure pouch. The secure pouch prevents coin spillage as well as possible theft. The Slotbag, when empty or filled with coins, can easily be put into a pocket or placed into a traditional pocketbook.

The Slotbag can also be used to hold the player's personal items such as cigarettes, keys or other gambling chips. Many female players prefer the gold Slotbag to use as a purse/slotbag for a night in the casino. The gold slotbag is fashionable for the ladies, as the black Slotbag is cool enough for him.

Here’s how this device works: The Amazing Slotbag (patent pending) is a mesh bag with a drawstring and magnets on its rim. The mesh construction does not interfere with the beautiful sound of coin against tray when hitting the jackpot.

The magnets allow for quick and easy attachment to a metallic tray, and the drawstring provides a fast, secure way to pick up all the coins in a tray with one quick pull so you can pick up and go. To use the Slotbag, simply open it up and place it in the tray of a slot machine, or any other electronic gambling machine with a coin tray. Play as you normally would and all your winnings will land in the mesh net of the Slotbag, which covers the interior of the coin tray. When finished, pull on the drawstring to quickly and securely close the Slotbag over your coins and bring the Slotbag (with all your coins in it) to the next machine and repeat the process. It’s that easy.

The genesis of the slot bag may relate to many slot players. In early 2002 Christine Manfre-Mooney had been complaining to her chiropractor, Dr. David J. Palmieri, that she was having a problem enjoying playing slots due to the hand and arm pain that she was experiencing when she needed to collect her winnings and move onto another slot machine. She had shown him a mesh net with small magnets that she had used when playing slots and after multiple trips to Casinos and numerous prototypes, the Slotbag was born. This simple to use device not only helps users with arthritic and limited hands but also is a tremendous advantage to anyone who enjoys playing slots or Video Poker. This device that was originally developed for the limited was incidentally found to be a great asset for all.

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