Anticipation builds for Celine show

Dec 23, 2002 11:40 PM

   Mr. Las Vegas, the Midnight Idol, is ready to begin his fourth year at the Stardust Hotel where he has performed for an estimated 400,000 fans. Can you believe it? Some 400,000 people probably think of Wayne as one of their closest friends. He’s that kind of guy. Anyway, the new show opens Christmas Day. Of you can’t make it, be sure to make your New Year’s Eve reservation if you plan on spending the night with Wayne.

   Charo just closed her show at the Sahara and is preparing to open the new Sevilla at the Aladdin. The couchi couchi girl has taken Las Vegas by storm and puts on an incendiary show. Following a short break, Charo will be back on stage starting January 15, and has promised some surprises for the future.

   The trembling beneath your feet will continue as a groundswell as we approach the opening for Celine Dion’s new show at Caesars Palace.  Celine and her company are back in Nevada rehearsing, and Park Place Entertainment is going all out to make the production a premier Las Vegas event.

   This week I went to see Tony Orlando in Santa and Me at the Orleans. The evening with Tony was filled with lots of memories and lots of laughs. Tony’s show is wonderful, a must see. It’s a wonderful take on Christmas.

   Mama Mia, the musical, has started selling tickets, and on the first day there was a two-hour wait. It’s a wonderful cast with some New York imports and a couple of standouts in the show. Tina Walsh is a lady who’s been waiting her turn, she was in EFX, but Mama Mia will make her a star. Also in the cast is Michael Politak who is a wonderful entertainer and previously appeared in the lead role of Phantom of the Opera in New York. Michael is married to our darling Paige O’Hara. The media is just warming up on this show.

   Last week in Los Angeles there was a tribute to the late Rosemary Clooney. There was Tony Bennett, K.D. Lang, Michael Finestein but it was the wonderful Mimi Hines who brought the house down. What a voice, what a star, what a lady, both she and Rosie.

   With several shows on vacation, my recommendation for the guys looking for something to do can catch Crazy Girls at the Riviera or the revamped Showgirls at the Rio to shake off the holiday cobwebs.

   And remember the final days are fast approaching to catch Rick Springfield in EFX. This show enjoyed the performances of many stars including Michael Crawford in it’s beginning. And by the way Michael’s Broadway show, Dance with the Vampires, didn’t seem to fare well with the critics. Seems the Dance was ready to end, according to my New York spies.

   Frank Lieberman, the PR genius for Siegfried & Roy, has just returned with his wife Daren from two weeks in Hawaii, where they had a great time. How do you not have a great time in paradise?)

   There’s a brand new show opening January 17 at Bourbon Street. It’s Shock! and promises to be an electrifying. Let’s hope so; we could use a charge.

   An alternative lifestyle doesn’t deny you a Christmas show. Yes, we have the gay Christmas show, it’s called the Very, Very Gay Christmas Carol and it’s at the Whitney Library & Theater, on East Tropicana. “Don we now are gay apparel!”

   Fa la la la la, la la la la! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!