Christmas is over; let’s do epiphany

Dec 30, 2002 11:24 PM

   Christmas is over but the Ghost of Christmas Past will linger forever! Either that, or those unwanted relatives haven’t gone home yet.

   In any case, don’t count out the holiday season just yet. So many interesting gifts from friends and the fabulous parties and holiday spirit. Let’s keep it going with an Epiphany Party! (I’ll stop by your place later.)

   I received a call from Charo, who is on a short break in Puerto Rico before moving her show to the Aladdin. Charo said, “Monti, Monti, Monti, I love you darling but bad news, I’ve been robbed: my costumes and props have been stolen!”

   I assured her I would look into it, and check out the usual suspects. But I doubt Frank Marino, Kenny Kerr or Jimmy Emerson would fit into those precious numbers. Plus I have my own seamstress.

   I’m sure Charo will be dressed when she debuts her new show at the Sevilla Latin club at the Aladdin in mid January.

   Also at the Aladdin, the show “X,” a topless T & A co-produced by Bobby Boling, has commercials and promotions all around town. The X-girls are doing a great job spreading the news all around the time.

   Lord of the Dance at the Venetian may prove to be the major player for this property. All of the earlier productions were caught in a revolving door. Sometimes the door swung so fast we’re not sure the show even opened. The latest rumor is about the big New Year’s Eve bash to be aired on Fox Television. Seems things are not going as planned. Maybe it’s a Venetian Virus.

   Opening, opening, opening. It’s another gentleman’s club, the Sapphire Gentleman’s Club, and I hear the ladies are fabulous. But, where do they get all of these knock-out women? There seems to be a new club on every street corner. I bet the plastic surgeons are busting their bank accounts!

   The countdown continues for Celine’s debut at Caesars Palace. There’s also excitement brewing for another Circus du Soleil production in the wings. Looks like 2003 will be a very good year.

   With New Year’s Eve upon us, you’d better get serious about your plans. Jack Jones, with a voice as smooth as any you’ll hear, a guy the ladies find easy on the eyes, will be at the Goldcoast while Lionel Richie and Sinbad appear at the Paris. Both shows could be a night to remember.

   Steve Wyrick, the irrepressible one, called to say business at the Sahara was going very, very well for him. It’s Extreme Magic.

   An Australian bombshell, Billie Cole and her partner, Robert DeBlanc, who was a background singer for both Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin, have just released a new CD and are about to launch a brand new room here in Vegas. Stay tuned.

   Marty Allen, a funny, funny guy, and Karen Kate Blackwell, Marty’s beautiful and energetic wife who just happens to sing, are at the Suncoast.

   One of the most ambitious undertakings around is a new radio show called Las Vegas Variety Hour, produced by Dennis Carr, starring Bill Acosta, man of 1001 voices and yours truly playing the gossip king of the world.

   Coming soon another big musical taken from a Broadway show. It’s being touted all over town.

   My wish list for the New Year would have to include my hope that J-Lo and Ben will do the wedding here. I make do a great bridesmaid routine.