Catch Philadelphia, Tennessee and me in San Diego 5pcol

Jan 14, 2003 7:39 AM

I ran into my good friend Jimmy V. at the Palace Station on Saturday and we started to talk about how much fun Vegas was 20 years ago and about some of the places we would end up at the finish of our gambling escapades.

One of my favorite places was the El Cortez. After blowing most of my dough, I would venture down to have the $1.98 liver and onions, and let me tell you it was great. Then it was a visit to the quarter crap table to spend an hour trying to make a saw buck into a double saw buck.

For you young lads, a saw buck is $10. As I thought about this further, it really came to me that the fun was mostly because we were young and had very few worries. Mostly it was rent and trying to keep some wheels for the 5 or 10-minute maximum drive to get anywhere in the city.

The traffic was nil. I can remember one Super Bowl Sunday it was almost halftime and I was waiting for a friend to show up. I walked outside and looked up the Strip from the Stardust and the entire street was deserted. What a great sight!

Well, that’s just about enough nostalgia for today. Time to move on to the two conference championship tilts this weekend as the Big Game rapidly approaches. Seems like football started last week and it’s almost history.


Bucs at Eagles: Both teams are coming off impressive performances as both defenses dominated. This game opened with Philly a 3½-point favorite and I think that is the correct line. Eagles beat the Buccaneers as a three-point favorite in their only meeting this year, 20-10.

I will side with the hometown Eagles in what looks to be a game that will be won by the team that gets the calls. Here’s hoping the crazed Philly crowd spurs them on to victory. EAGLES.

Titans at Raiders: After watching the entire Jets-Raiders game, I thought this line would be around 6. When the line came out at 7½, I really didn’t know what to think. Tennessee looked dominant against the Steelers, then wound up in a life and death battle to get the win. The Titans probably wouldn’t be here if they lost the coin flip in overtime.

The final score of the Jets/Raiders game really didn’t tell the whole story of how close that game was. There were several pass interference calls against the Raiders that were missed. Both times on the next play Oakland got a turnover, which led to a score. Despite Oakland’s 52-25 win over Tennessee early in the season, I will go with TT and over the 47 and hope for a few breaks to go to the visitor. TITANS

Good luck and see you in San Diego for the Super Bowl and a packed strip.

Last week: 1-3.

Playoffs: 4-4