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How to survive a week in Hollywood

Jan 20, 2003 11:33 PM

With the new year in gear, it¡¦s next to impossible to ignore (I might miss something) any of the numerous invitations that arrive touting new shows, new ideas and yes, all the stars and star wannabe¡¦s (if nothing else, they save me a bundle on food and drink).

A recent invitation had me headed to the West Coast. Everyone knows Los Angeles is synonymous with the automobile, so no executive jet this time, just me smokin¡¦ down I-15 in my Rock Mobile headed to Hollyweird.

The trip also gave me an opportunity to check out the discount malls. California must love Monti and the Rock Mobile: Horns honking and brakes screeching as the Rock Mobile cruised Southern California, ending up at the annual American Music Awards.

This version of a Dick Clark production didn¡¦t fare too well with the viewing public with viewership down about 20 percent from last year. Could it have been (bleep) Ozzie (bleep) and Sharon (bleep), or the whole (bleeping) Osbournes hosting the show?

Maybe too much b-l-e-e-p? Maybe just too many unknown names for the general public, which just happens to be the television audience? The real winner of the evening for me was Mariah Carey, who was absolutely stunning in a black dress, singing a tribute to her father. She was honored with a standing ovation. No bleeps here. And, I did find out who designed the dress for future engagements.

In Hollywood I was treated to dinner parties and enjoyed lunch in an outdoor setting on Sunset Boulevard. Surprisingly much of the conversation centered on Las Vegas, the genre and magic that is this Third Coast.

I returned to Las Vegas, a little heavier than I left, and burdened with some California gossip, as well. Rumor has it that Liza Minnelli might be back in rehab and she might miss her concert scheduled for February 10 in Colorado Springs. Seems there will be a lawsuit over the cancellation of Liza and David¡¦s reality television show on cable.

While our beloved city continues reinventing itself, it¡¦s my privilege to report some exciting news. Reinvention means changes and changes are what we continue to find.

I was treated to a sneak preview of Mamma Mia at the Erwin Production Company rehearsal hall. And I do mean treat! I was blown away by the music and by the entire ensemble. We¡¦ll be previewing the cast members as we approach opening night. It looks as though Mamma Mia production number five (yes, there are four other productions playing around the county) will be in for a long run at Mandalay Bay. I never knew that sappy, teeny bopper music of Abba was so big! Bubble Gummers, unite!

Louie, Louie is headed to the Stardust following a successful outing at the Las Vegas Hilton with Christine W. This might be kind of a payoff since the ticket price is only $29. One of our long term, or is that long time, balladeers Englelbert Humperdinck will open at the Las Vegas Hilton January 22. Tony Sacca¡¦s one-man show at the Bistro at the Riviera is scheduled to open January 20. The Platters, the Drifters and the Coasters (don¡¦t ask me which version) are in concert at the Sahara filling the Congo Room left vacant by Charo¡¦s exit while a reunion of legendary singers, the Marvelettes, Glen Leonard and Alli Woodson, will provide familiar sounds at the Lady Luck. And on January 22, the Rio will present five decades of Attitude in Pictures.

Variety television will soon grow to new proportions with host turned celebrity Robin Leach in one corner and little old me with my own reality show, Monti Rock Las Vegas Live begins shooting January 28. You will, of course, learn all about it from me!

My wonderful friend Clint Holmes, Harrah¡¦s number one man and Las Vegas¡¦ favorite, will host the Epicurean Awards presented by Tanguery at the Green Valley Ranch Casino on January 23. We¡¦re all going to be there to see who wins top honors for food and beverage. No dieting that night.

Oh! Oh! I got in hot water recently when I mentioned Randy Gerber, Cindy Crawford¡¦s husband, might be leaving Whisky Sky at the Green Valley Ranch. Quietly, quietly, they¡¦re gone. Maybe I¡¦m not in trouble any more. Cindy? Cindy?