Eat, drink and save tons of money!

Jan 20, 2003 11:37 PM

Dollar drinks: "You call it, we’ll pour it." That’s the new buzz phrase at Ellis Island’s casino bar, and this time it’s not just for casino workers. Anyone may partake of this libations special offer!

When asked whether the dollar drink deal includes call brands and specialty drinks, General Manager Mike Koniski, replied, "If we have it and we can make it, it’s a dollar!" Belly up to the bar 24 hours a day, seven days a week at least through January; who knows how long this good deal may last after that!

Green Valley Ranch Station has once again changed its late-night offering in the Feast Buffet. The former buffet, turned late-night restaurant, now has returned to a late-night buffet once again. After regular breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets, night owls will find a breakfast buffet set-up every evening from 10:30 p.m. to 3 a.m. Price is $7.99, and guests will find all of their favorite breakfast and brunch items available.

More buffet news: As the Castaways begins preparing for the Holiday Inn change, the buffet has been dismantled. A "mini-buffet" is currently being offered in the Pelican Rock Café. No official word as yet to whether a new buffet will ever be constructed. And according to reports, the New Frontier on the Strip has also closed its Orchard Buffet, while the coffee shop bearing the same name remains open.

For additional graveyard good deals (always a popular special in Las Vegas) try the Upper Deck Restaurant at the Las Vegas Club, downtown. Four late-night specials are served any night of the week from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Take your choice from steak and eggs, bacon and eggs, pancakes and bacon, or a corned beef hash plate, all served with breakfast potatoes and toast for $2.99.

The Fiesta Rancho serves a nice "King Cut" Prime Rib dinner in the Fiesta Steakhouse for $9.99, available Sunday through Thursday evenings. The dinner is served complete with a choice of potato, salad and rolls in a warm, relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

The excellent steak special (huge T-bone served with all the extras and a glass of beer to boot) served in the Gold Coast coffee shop has gone up a buck. The $7.95 price seemed to be around forever. The dinner is still one the best values in town at $8.95. Nothing lasts forever.

With the MegaBucks jackpot still on the rise at press time, a good place to cash a paycheck is at the Palms on any Friday. Check cashers get a free $3 Megabucks pull. As they say, "One pull could change your life!" Wouldn’t it be wild to hit it for free on paycheck Fridays?

Until next time, "Eat well, play well, stay well!"