Neil Sedaka set to play The Orleans

Jan 27, 2003 11:36 PM

International recording artist Neil Sedaka, who has been a pop superstar for more than four decades, returns to The Orleans, Thursday through Sunday, for a series of 8 p.m. concerts. Tickets are $34.95 to $44.95.

As early as 1963, Neil Sedaka had already sold some 25 million records. The included the memorable, Oh, Carol, whose lyrics were penned in honor of his former girlfriend, Carol King.

Sedaka¡¦s greatest copyright was Breaking Up is Hard to Do, which was technically innovative at the time because it contained a G minor 7-chord change.

Yet, Sedaka¡¦s favorite song from his first collection is Calendar Girl because going through the months of the year was so original.

In 1975, Sedaka re-recorded Breaking Up is Hard to Do as a ballad. It made history when the song reached the Top 10.

Of the 140 songs that had been broadcast over a million times a year, Sedaka owned three of them. In addition to Grammy awards, he was the first artist to gain six BMI Awards for the 400,000 annual airplays per song.