Try a five-way 9-spot!

Jan 28, 2003 1:33 AM

Almost every keno player knows how to play a four-way nine, even if they don’t normally play one. Once one of the most popular keno tickets of all, it is not played so much any more, but it is still featured in many pay books as an example of a way ticket.

Nine spots are by no means bad to play, they do have some good points, though they are not as popular as the eight spot or the six spot.

For one thing, it is an odd number ticket, and odd number tickets just aren’t as popular on way tickets, and of course the nine spot is much harder to hit solid. But 8-of-9 and 7-of-9 are hittable and the payouts are pleasant! This week let’s look at some five-way nines, just for fun! That’s what keno is all about, after all, fun with numbers!

You can play a five-way nine with only 10 spots, and it also features a five-way six. This ticket shares some of the characteristics of a king ticket, a lower win frequency but higher winners:


5 Way 9

5 Way 6

These next two are related, at least "cousins" as they can be created from one another by changing one or two groups. They are quite playable:


5 Way 9


5 Way 9

Go ahead and give one of these a try, if you feel like trying something new!

Next week we’ll take a look at a few more.

Good Luck! I’ll see you in line!