Super play was listening to Donnie

Jan 28, 2003 6:37 AM

Well the big game has come and gone. There were winners, I think a lot more than losers, but as it turned out there was one outstanding wager that came about.

If you happened to be at one of the casinos or at the many fantastic parties and watched the first half, you just could see that the game was history. It seemed almost impossible for the Raiders to mount a comeback, especially in big games like a Super Bowl. Teams will not let up.

When they posted the Raiders a —4 point favorite to win the second half, it was like receiving a early birthday present. As I was in deep study at the Palace Station on Sunday trying to come up with a 10-1 shot at Santa Anita, one of the more colorful characters in Vegas came up to me and game me some good info on a prop bet for SB XXXVII.

Donnie Bader actually stopped ”” for those who know DB you know that he is always on the run. There is nothing slow about Donnie and he is a wealth of knowledge on all sports. Well, he told me that he bet a prop, total yards receiving in game by Jerry Porter. He went OVER 48.5 at one book and UNDER 56.5 in another for $110 on each.

Bader actually put up $10 with a chance to win $200 if it came in the middle. Well, Donnie had no such luck as it flew over. But he did give me a saver on the ponies. He had good info on a nag at Turfway ridden by the red hot Jason Lumpkins and he was 6-1 morning line.

All I can say is that Donnie never met an even money horse he didn’t like, so I knew this must be a pretty good bet. The nag won and paid seven and change. Thanks DB, but don’t waste my time with those middles.

The next two big events in Vegas will be "March Madness" and the Kentucky Derby. As for myself, I favor these two events over the Super Bowl anytime. If it’s action you want, there is nothing better than the first four days of the Madness. Games and more games, totals on all games, half times, just everything a bettor and fan could want.

Then comes the Derby, where hopefully we can come up with some good horses to keep tabs on. So far two of my Derby hopefuls have already fallen by the wayside, but there are a lot more to chase from. Stay happy and enjoy yourself.