Survey: Tourists satisfied, spending more

Jan 28, 2003 6:38 AM

Visitors to Las Vegas are satisfied with their experience and more than likely will make a return visit within the following two years, according to a recent study conducted by QMark Research & Polling.

The study also found the average amount spent by a visitor to Las Vegas in 2002 increased more than 79 percent from the spending of those from the prior year.

"It was clear the effects of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 had a drastic effect of the profile of the Las Vegas visitor," said Gwen Migita, executive vice president of QMark Research & Polling. "The 2002 Visitor Media Survey clearly shows Las Vegas is making a comeback and tourists are generally pleased with their experience."

The 2002 Visitor Media Survey marks the third year QMark has surveyed Las Vegas tourists. The study is a syndicated tracking report designed to provide media and advertisers with insight into usage and perceptions toward the various tourist media and publications serving Las Vegas visitors.

While the survey’s main goal is to determine the most popular and widely used media by Las Vegas tourists, the study also detailed activities and travel demographics of the visitor.

QMark conducted one-on-one interviews with more than 600 Las Vegas visitors between October and December at locations along the Las Vegas Strip and in the downtown area. The respondents’ stay in Las Vegas was a minimum of two nights.

While gaming was overwhelmingly the most frequented attraction, 89 percent of those surveyed said they were likely to return to Las Vegas within the next two years. Other notable findings included:

”¡ 62 percent rated their overall Las Vegas experience as "very good," up from 47 percent the prior year.

”¡ The average amount spent by a visitor during their stay was $843.54, up from $469.40 in the prior year.

The survey sampled the visitors’ impressions and ratings of more than 10 Las Vegas visitor-oriented publications, in addition to a person’s experience with other media, activities, their satisfaction and their demographics.

A complete copy and full report of the 2002 Visitors Media Survey is available through QMark Research & Polling. For information on pricing and other services, please contact Gwen Migita at (702) 253-0314.