Smith & Wollensky3767 Las Vegas Blvd.Las Vegas, NV862-4100

Feb 3, 2003 1:43 AM

Meat quality: half-pound grade-A beef burger with various cheeses.

Type of fries: crisp, medium portion.

Bun size: toasted roll.

Drink: various beverages.

Order method: server.

Wait time for meal: 15 min.

Price: $15.00.

Atmosphere: friendly, upscale, classy.

Rating/comment: 4 wimpys
(out of 5):


If you rate this nationally famed steakhouse just for its burger, this is a perfect 5. The burger is exceptionally juicy, so much that the bottom of the bun collapses in your hand. We would suggest a former roll is needed so that you don’t wind up with burger all over your clothes when you pick it up. The service is excellent and we suggest finding an outside table. However, the $15 price is really paying for atmosphere and it is very disturbing to think you can’t get beverage refills at that price. Come on, guys! S&W also has venues in New York City, Miami Beach, Chicago, New Orleans, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. An excellent stop to impress a date and if you have some money to throw around. Just baby that Pepsi, the S&W soda of choice.