Ben, J-Lo stake out Las Vegas sites?

Feb 3, 2003 3:55 AM

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s time for all those Love Birds to flock to Las Vegas. Could one of the local chapels play host to the current rage, J-Lo and Ben? Everyone knows they’ve been seen around town: shopping, dining, gambling and enjoying the city’s offerings.

As the rumors swirl about their possible wedding here, there’s another tidbit dangling from the grapevine: J-Lo might open a restaurant/nightclub here.

The word is that negotiations have been ongoing with one of our biggest hotels. Moreover, there’s a chance that Mr. Ben may be footing the bill for the restaurant as a wedding gift for his girl. Stay tuned.

After introducing the world to the latest addition to their show, three Royal White Tiger cubs, the dynamic duo of Siegfried & Roy have been painstakingly searching through about 10,000 suggestions for names for the little guys. In the meantime, the cubs can be seen nightly in Siegfried & Roy’s show or at their Secret Garden.

The Amazing Johnathan has come full circle. The hard working and talented musician opened his show at the Flamingo last Monday. Busy as he was, he was most gracious and opened his home to this columnist.

With the arrival of the Amazing Johnathan at the Flamingo, the Strip may never be the same. Sometimes good guys do finish first.

Speaking of good guys, my wonderful friend Clint Holmes is once again updating his show at Harrah’s. I told you this guy never let’s anything age, well except for some fine wine maybe. Clint’s shows are always energetic and sophisticated, and my lady friends tell me their hearts soar when he sings.

The thing about Clint that’s so outstanding is he doesn’t just sing the song, he owns it. His vocals cover the gamut”¦ jazz, blues, ballads, pop, even those familiar songs that most of us know. He makes the song his. It doesn’t get any better.

Last week I wrote about Charo’s 10-day absence after opening her show Bravo at the Sevilla at the Aladdin. Where is that girl? Not to worry though, the Latin sounds continue with Tito Puente, Jr. He’s keeping Sevilla hot and spicy for the return of the cuchi, cuchi girl.

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Bucs. Bet we’ll be seeing some of those Super Studs here in Vegas before long. The end of the Super Bowl always brings a yearning for spring and I’ll just bet the football jocks will include Las Vegas in their spring break. Here’s a pick for next year’s Super Bowl: The Kansas City Chiefs. You heard it here first.

Frank Marino, star of La Cage at the Riviera, must have been surprised recently when Liza Minelli and David Gest showed up back stage following his show. Could David be looking for a gig? Naahh”¦ Everyone knows Frank does Joan Rivers better than Joan does Joan Rivers. Frank Marino and La Cage, a Las Vegas mainstay for years, continue to please audiences that seem to return year after year. We should all be so lucky.

Managed to cruise a couple of the lounge scenes this week. Bally’s is featuring Art Vargas who seems to really be at home in the lounge, and I stopped by to check Billie Cole and Robert at the Luxor’s Neferitti’s Lounge.

The lounge scene is where it all started for Las Vegas. Audiences like the intimate atmosphere and the casual interaction with the stars that takes place sometimes. Everyone needs his or her 15 minutes of fame, and the various lounges are happy to comply, for the tourist as well as the artist!