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Station launches Jumbo progressive

Feb 4, 2003 5:09 AM

As reported last week GamingToday, Station Casinos will kick off its Jumbo Hold’em Poker Progressive bad beat jackpot this week. The pot, which is linked to Stations’ casinos, will start at $100,000 and increase at not less than 5 percent of the total rake of the day.

The jackpot will be awarded when four 5’s or better is beaten by a higher-ranked four-of-a-kind or better hand.

The losing hand will receive $35,000; the winning hand will receive $20,000; and all other Hold’em players at all the Station properties will split the remaining jackpot.

In the event the jackpot hasn’t been awarded at the end of five weeks, the minimum losing hand will be lowered according to the following schedule:

Week 6: four 4’s

Week 7: four 3’s

Week 8: four 2’s

Week 9: Aces full of kings

Week 10: Aces full of queens

The minimum hand will continue to reduce until the pot is won.

In addition to the progressive link jackpot, individual Station casinos will offer a $10,000 bad beat progressive.

This jackpot will be awarded when Aces full of 6’s or better is beat by a four-of-a-kind or better.

The losing hand will be paid $3,000; the winner will be paid $2,000; all other players at the property will share the balance.

The progressive starts at $10,000 and increases at the rate of at least $100 per day.