Chicago: Vibes are all good

Feb 4, 2003 8:30 AM

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things was on Sundays to relax and watch old musicals on TV. I just loved them and wanted to sing, but had no talent.

Whenever I see a musical at the movies I jump at the chance to go and enjoy. Such was the case last week when I caught the movie Chicago. It was just outstanding and the performance by Catherine Zeta Jones was just incredible. This movie is deserving of all the awards it is receiving. This is definitely the year of Chicago and it could be the year for the Cubs, White Sox and Bears.

Sorry, Bulls fans. But this could be very good news for my friend Brian, a diehard Chicago fan for years even though he’s not even from the Windy City.

The White Sox have upgraded their pitching staff with the additions of Bartolo Colon, Tom Gordon, Esteban Loaiza, and closer Billy Koch to go support ace southpaw Mark Buehrle. Plus, the Pale Hose netted some offensive punch in Brian Daubach, Sandy Alomar and Armando Rios.

The Cubbies finally have a manager with Dusty Baker and new pitchers like Shawn Estes and Mike Remlinger to go along with Kerry Wood. Offensive help comes from ex-Dodgers Eric Karros, Mark Grudzielanek. Yep this could be the year those hard core Cubs fans who have been waiting for so long. Stranger things have happened.

I ran into Lou Lamatrice last week and we were talking a little baseball. Lou is one of the sharper baseball guys around especially when it comes to futures, so I followed him to the betting window as he wagered on Jason Giambi at 10-1 to win the home run title. Just a little tidbit to pass on.

With college hoops heating up here is a look at some key TV games this week. I may even get lucky and win a few.