A rose by any other body part!

Feb 11, 2003 1:59 AM

My real name is not “Oklahoma Johnny.”

   I promised you last week I would tell you my real name, and I will today, but first I need to tell you that I was born in Oklahoma and am the seventh son of an only son who had seven sons, and by nature of birth I am very lucky and try always to Stay Lucky.

   My mother was a little tired when I was born, and I lay around the house for several days without a name. My father said, “If you do not name that little devil I am just going to call him Bill.”

   But mother said, “No, he is a heavenly child.” So my first name was Bill. Then mother made it H.D. for Heavenly Devil. No it was for my birth name of Herbert Dean, or H.D.

   I was in a family business with several of my older brothers and we all went by our initials: W.N., J.W. and H.D., but many always just called me Bill.

   My mother was a very wonderful religious lady and spoke of one of my body parts as my “Johnny.”

   I was afraid of Las Vegas when I first started coming on junkets or for rest and relaxation (R&R). I had many fiduciary responsibilities and it was not good in my social and business circles to be known as a gambler, even if it were a Gentleman Gambler.

   So I had three standard stories I would tell.

   One was if I were staying at the Stardust; I would say that I was staying at the Hilton. When asked when I got in, I would say today. When asked I was going home, I would say I was catching the next flight.

   When asked my name, I said my name was Johnny because I had heard there were many bad people (the mob and all that stuff).

   So, just call me Johnny, which by accident was the same body part that my mother called my Johnny. It seemed to be the thing to do.

   So, you can call me Bill or H.D. or Herb or Herbert Dean, but most of the poker world when playing poker with me, just call me Johnny or Oklahoma Johnny.

   Pardon me, I have to see what my wife Carol is saying: “Will I get your car washed and be sure it is full of gas?” Yes, dear.

   Las Vegas is my beat, and today I am going back to the Mirage for the Thursday night, $120 plus one re-buy, No Limit Hold’em tournament. Donna Harris goes a great job with the room since she has made it no smoking. It’s hard to get a seat. Rich, the tournament director, has the tourney working real well. First place should pay close to $5,000; not bad for a $120 investment.

   I am odds-on to win it because there only be 15 or 20 world champions playing in the tournament, and I am going to be really lucky tonight!

Oklahoma Johnny’s Poker Tip of the Week

   You do not have to reinvent the wheel. When you see a good player and he seems to win all the time, study him, watch what he’s doing. You do not have to reinvent a way to win. Just watch and learn how the good players play. Then you too can take the money to the bank.

   Until next time, remember to STAY LUCKY.