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‘Ab The Cab’ will comp us in heaven

Feb 18, 2003 8:01 AM

Last week Abner Weis went to bed and didn’t wake up, passing in his sleep. Not a bad way to go, if you have to go.

Alvin Weisberg or "Ab The Cab" as most called him, was quite a character. Ab was a regular at the Stardust when I was behind the counter in the 1980s. When making wagers during that era, you may have been run over or pushed away from the window so he could get a bet in before the line changed.

Ab always wore his piece, that’s on his head not in a holster. Once he came in wearing a baseball cap and I was curious about the headwear? He promptly removed the cap, revealing his cleanly shaved dome and stated, "I washed it last night and it wasn’t dry yet."

If you wanted to get some info, Ab was the guy. All you had to do was call him over and say, "Did you here who was out for the Niners, tell him and 15 minutes later everyone knew."

One Sunday, I was totally overloaded on the Miami Dolphins and just could not get a buyback. The book didn’t want to get off 3 since the game opened at 1½ and had all the appearance of a middle job. So I called Abner over and told him I heard Marino got into a car accident on the way to the stadium and was out.

I asked him to please not tell that to many people because the house wanted to win big on that game. I didn’t get the last word out of my mouth before he was at the phones. Suddenly money came rolling in on the dog, which saved the day for the house. The Dolphins won big, but the book lost small.

Abner was hot but he never stayed mad for long. He had other fish to fry. At that time, he was famous for getting comps. He could get a comp for four people to any show in town and also threw in dinner. One Saturday, he came up to me and said he set the record of 24 comped to the Diana Ross concert at Caesars and 16 buffets. That was seven different parties.

You were the best Ab, and thanks for all those show tickets and buffs.