Golden ‘Rules’ still have luster

Feb 25, 2003 12:55 AM

In Oklahoma, we have a saying for a lot of things. The one that goes with the Golden Rule is, "He who has the money makes all the rules."

But of course, you know that the original saying came from the Good Book, the Bible, which states you should, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

As you know, it is the custom of this column to give you the Oklahoma Johnny Poker Tip of the Week. So today, I want to give you my tip of the week:

The Golden Rule or Rules of Poker

The rule has many parts so let’s start at the top.

a. The best hand should get the money: This means that when all the cards are out in whatever game of poker that you are playing, and all the betting has been completed (and the Fat Lady has sung her song), then the player with the best poker hand should win the money in the pot.

b. Let the dealer run the game: You have been in poker games where a player tries to be the "pot sergeant" and attempts to control the game. Do not be a pot sergeant; that is the dealer’s job. He is the mail man and he delivers all the cards to you. The dealer controls the game, that is why they pay him the big bucks if he does a good job. You may want to tip him to show your appreciation. He is a professional dealer and does not care who wins the pot. But it is his job to see that the monies are correctly handled and that all the rules of the game are followed. He is also in charge of decorum, to see that all the players conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen.

c. If the dealer does not do his job correctly, do not try to correct him. The floor person is the dealer’s immediate supervisor. If an error has occurred that the dealer has not corrected, the floor person will make the decision as to what must be done to correct the problem. His decision will be final; there is no appeal. Move on to the next hand.

d. Dress appropriately. As I have suggested before, dress warmly and correctly.

e. Remember your classes when your mother sent you to cotillion and conduct yourself like a lady or gentleman. Be cheerful and never have a baleful glare on your face.

As with the Golden Rule from the Bible, if you do unto other poker players what you would like to have other poker players do unto you, you will have no ”” or at least very little ”” trouble when you are playing poker.

What is that Carol? Oh, you think I should have been a preacher! Yes, dear.

Remember until next time to stay lucky.