Patrick’s Restaurant & Lounge

Mar 4, 2003 1:01 AM

Patrick’s Restaurant & Lounge

6142 West Flamingo
(next to Smith’s)

Las Vegas, NV ”¡ 871-9378

Meat quality: 1/3-pound grade-A beef burger with various cheeses.

Type of fries: crisp, medium portion.

Bun size: regular, medium bun.

Drink: various beverages.

Order method: server.

Wait time for meal: 8 min.

Price: $8.25 approx (with tax)

Atmosphere: friendly, roomy, comfortable.

Rating/comment: 5.0 wimpys
(out of 5):



The price is probably $1 higher than it should be, but we’ll cut Patrick’s some slack since the overall product is terrific. Most burger places we’ve covered serve ½-pounders, which is why a $7.25 price would be a better-suited buy. But, no matter. We’re being picky. The fact is this burger rules! It’s juicy, yet solid. The burger bun is perfect. The fries are tasty and finger licking good. The service is just fine and the restaurant portion of the facility is nicely separated from the bar and is surprisingly elegant. This is an ideal place for a lunch date, especially if easy-listening music is your preference. It’s quiet, relaxing and homey. There is a Minnesota flavor to Patrick’s for those who are a bit homesick for the Midwest. We’re definitely going back.