Why not 2-wall deals?

Mar 4, 2003 2:32 AM

David Brenner and the Suncoast are bringing back a touch of old Las Vegas ”” performances during the week, not just weekends. I tip my sombrero to David and the hotel for signing what’s called a two-wall deal, in which the entertainer is able to sell tickets and can even get some brokers involved. The vivacious, effervescent and hard-working Candi Cazau, media manager for Coasts entertainment, tells me this may be a trend.

I’ve been a David Brenner fan since we first met on the Tonight Show. How long ago was that? Don’t ask. David, who has made many appearances here through the years, recently moved to Las Vegas. This, too, is a trend with more and more headliners making Las Vegas their home.

I was speaking with my lovely Charo, you know the cuchi, cuchi one and only. After her week at the Sevilla at the Aladdin ”” starring in her show Bravo ”” she heads to Los Angeles on Sunday and shoots five segments of Hollywood Squares, returning to Las Vegas in time to be at the top of her game for the new week at the Aladdin. Ah, if only we could bottle that energy. It’s obvious the energy she portrays on stage is for real. Charo’s enjoying brisk sales of her CDs and has just been invited to do a Latin television show.

A columnist has to have an ear pretty close to the action to catch all the rumors, and I just caught one: John Stewart, producer of the long running Legends in Concert at the Imperial Palace, is trying to buy Onstage Entertainment. Sounds like Stewart may lose Legends in the process. Is there a problem there?

Are you keeping up with Robert Blake’s real-life Baretta scenario? I don’t have a clue about the actor’s guilt or innocence, but it sure seems like the Los Angeles police department and the L.A. district attorney’s office is once again in for a tough fight. Why do the high profile cases cause so much trouble for those guys?

Folks of all ages are mourning the loss of Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Adults who grew up with Mr. Rogers as well as today’s kids are saddened by the passing of this gentle, gentle man.

At Mandalay Bay, Mamma Mia continues to pack ’em in. Show-goers can’t help but notice the talented Tina Walsh. Before Mamma Mia, Tina had a prominent role in EFX but she really shines in Mamma Mia. Fortunately for all of us, the cast has fully recovered from the flu.

Is there no end to reality television? Have you been watching I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here? Egad is all I can say. I’m a celebrity get me off of television, is more like it. In any case, Robin Leach was dispatched early. Why am I not surprised?

Andre-Philippe Gagnon is headed back to the Paris Hotel and Casino. Well, the name fits, ooh la la.

Downtown always has something to offer and Spirit of the Dance at the Golden Nugget is no exception. Spirit is doing so well, it just got a contract extension. That’s the spirit!

In the days before the big production shows, it was the Las Vegas lounge scene that provided entertainment or, as the name implies, a place to hang (today’s lingo).

The lounge scene is still the place. It covers the gamut from Bally’s Indigo Lounge to Brendan’s Irish Pub at The Orleans. If it’s sights and sounds you seek, try the Voodoo at the Rio or Palapa Lounge at Palms.

The afternoon is not left out as well. Carnival Court or La Playa, both at Harrah’s, or Sinbad’s Lounge at the Aladdin are just two of the afternoon spots. If it’s dance time, try the Coral Reef at Mandalay Bay. In other words, you’re covered. It’s great entertainment and many have no drink limit and for sure no cover. The lounge scene is too good to miss here in Las Vegas. Los Angeles may have their coffee houses, but Las Vegas has its lounges.