Catch-all tickets for tourneys

Mar 4, 2003 4:18 AM

"Catch-all" tickets are keno tickets that are designed to pay off only if you hit a solid catch on the ticket. For example a catch-all four spot keno ticket pays a winner only if the player hits all four of his or her numbers, but pays nothing for a catch of two or three out of four. As a consequence of this, catch-all tickets pay quite a bit more for the solid catch, but of course your frequency of winning is reduced considerably.

These types of tickets are very good for tournament play, as all of their pays are concentrated at the top end, and it makes it easier for the player to plan a tournament strategy around catch-alls. For instance, if you calculate that you will need to win about $8,000.00 to win a tournament, and there is a $1.25 five spot special which pays $1,400.00, then divide 8000 by 1400. The answer comes to a little less than 6. Taking 6 times $1.25 gives you a $7.50 catch all five spot which will pay $8,400 when you hit solid, and gives you a good chance of winning the tournament.

The payoffs on catch-all tickets are also quite easy to compare from casino to casino. Since there is only one payoff on each ticket, comparison is a simple matter of seeing which casino pays more on its catch-alls than another. Of course, if the tickets have different prices, you must divide the payoff by the price to obtain the payoff per dollar wagered in each case in order to compare them. This is simple, for instance, if a $2.10 three spot catch all pays $105.00 for three out of three, then it would pay 105/2.10= $50.00 for a $1.00 wager. Similarly, a $1.25 catch all three spot that pays $65.00 would pay 65/1.25= $52.00 for a one dollar wager.

There is a downside, which is of course the much lower win frequency. These types of tickets are riskier to play in the sense that you are likelier to go bankrupt (spend your bankroll) before you hit solid than if you are playing a regular ticket. In most tournament play this is not an issue, as your buy-ins are regulated but if you are just playing for entertainment you might be better off (or at least have more fun) if you play a regular ticket.

Well that’s it for this week, Good Luck! I’ll see you in line!