Playing poker: a lifetime pastime

Mar 4, 2003 4:38 AM

What daddy told me”¦

I have told you a few times about what my daddy told me about life and poker, and from time to time I will tell you the same story. But most of the things I tell you will be new to you, but if I forget, just say Johnny’s getting a little old and forgive me.

I tell so many stories that you may hear the same one over more than once, but just fast forward and skit it and go to the next one.

I remember one time daddy took me to a carnival and showed me all the games of chance ”” knock over the milk bottles, knock down the Q-P dolls, throw the darts at the balloons, pitch the pennies and win a prize.

Then he took me to a casino and showed me how they play ”” 21 or blackjack, Red Dog, Wheel of Chance, craps or dice, keno, and rows and rows of slots.

Daddy made a gesture taking in the whole casino and reminded me of when he took me to the carnival and said, "Son, carnivals and casino games or what is known as gamblin’ ”” stay away from it. You have got no chance of winning, and remember, as long as you live, stick to poker."

I have followed my daddy’s advice most of the time all my life and I want to report to you that a few times I have disobeyed and I have played the carnival games and I have played the casino games, and after 50 plus years of playing those games I am not a winner from the playing of the games of chance that daddy called, gamblin.’

Moreover, I have never seen a winner, except a few Megabucks and lottery winners, where they won so much that they could not give it back in one lifetime. I have seen many players get temporarily ahead, but ”¦

I have even seen players get out of town with the money, but it burns a hole in their pocket and they cannot wait to return the money to the casino.

But by following my daddy’s advice, I have been playing poker for a lifetime of fun and profit. And I know many winning poker players, but I do not know any winning gamblers who were playing the games of chance that my daddy said was gamblin.’

Please pardon me for just a minute. What’s that you say, Carol? You won $20 playing Monopoly slot last night while I was playing poker. Yes, Dear, I know. But you and your mother are good slot players and are the exceptions to the rule.

Oklahoma Johnny’s Poker Tip of the Week

Success in the game of poker and the game of life is a marathon, not a sprint. So do not try to win all the money today. They will deal again tomorrow. And always remember as my daddy told me: Son, if you know poker, you know people, and if you know people, you’ve got the whole dang world lined up in your sights.

Until next time, remember to stay lucky!