Let’s sling some mud!

Mar 11, 2003 3:34 AM

A scandalous, scandalous week has just come and gone. Isn’t it marvelous?

Is it a rumor or fact that a certain woman is trying to squeeze $35 million out of Michael Flatley for some dirty dancing that allegedly took place in his hotel suite. I hope Michael remembered to remove the taps from his shoes.

Remember the John Wayne Bobbit fiasco? Well, according to John’s newest wife, who happens to be my neighbor, John Boy has been incarcerated. Stay tuned.

I ran an item last week on John Stewart, Legends in Concert producer at the Imperial Palace, and his retirement from On Stage Entertainment. Well, rumor is that it was a hostile takeover.

By the way, Charo is looking for a new venue outside of Deserted Passage. Sorry to say the stories of success in her venue were greatly exaggerated.

The countdown to Celine Dion’s A New Day is the talk of Las Vegas. With only 4,000 seats available nightly, even the VIP’s are ready to scratch someone’s eyes out for a spot. Opening night could be the event of the year; no”¦ the event of the decade or even the event of the century. Or better yet, the event of a lifetime! Can’t wait!

A couple of new clubs, just what the city needs, recently opened: Taboo at the MGM Grand, very hoity I might add, and Ibis USA located at the Deserted Passage at the Aladdin. It’s taken over the old Blue Note spot.

Last night I was treated to a magical night of music for the benefit of the Southern Nevada Music Art Society. The show starred Grant Griffin with Patricia Welch, Jeaneane Maria and a standout performance by Michelina Mellany, who I fell in love with doing her Spanish romantic songs; I understood the words and I’m really a romantic at heart! Musical conductor for the show was the great Vincent Falcone. Following the show I shared one of the best laughs of my life with Vincent and his beautiful wife, Annette.

The Miss Saloon Sweetheart contest was held at the Greek Isles to benefit the American Cancer Society. I always appreciate the benefit scene and charity events. After all, Charity could be my middle name.

David Copperfield, was spotted in the audience at La Femme at the MGM. Maybe he’s working on another trick.

Caught David Brenner’s show at the Suncoast again. This is a must see show and next week Vickie Lawrence in Mama’s Family is back in the showroom at the Orleans.

All of the hotels and casinos are gearing up for March Madness, college basketball’s time to shine. It is the city’s biggest betting spree after the Super Bowl. I’m not a sports reporter, though watching those guys in shorts isn’t difficult to take.

Enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Mandalay Bay with Anita Mann. It seems the producers of Midnight Fantasy at the Luxor are working on some very big projects. We’re talking Europe and New York. Big announcement soon.

One of my favorites, Mimi Hines, is going on the road with Kay Ballard in the show "Nonsense." This should be a hoot with these two fabulous ladies. Buddy Grecco and Lezlie Anders are currently on tour, too. Lezlie will be flying in from Boca Raton to go into rehearsal for her show "Fever."

KUNV, the jazz radio station owned by UNLV’s Board

of Regents, will be holding its spring fund-raising drive April 4-13. I’m planning to have someone make a donation in my name so they’ll mention it on the air.

Everyone knows I want to marry Jennifer Lopez. But alas! Jennifer and Ben Aflack will have a big catholic wedding, providing of course all her previous marriages can be annulled.

Maybe the happy couple can slip my name into the pre-nuptials. Better yet, maybe they can slip it into their will!