Station pays record $106K bad beat pot

Mar 11, 2003 5:58 AM

Station Casinos accomplished what it sought out to do four weeks ago when it launched Jumbo Hold ’em Poker Progressives ”” to award the largest bad beat jackpot ever.

They hit their target last Saturday, when the progressive pot was awarded for $106,744 at Palace Station.

Ordinarily, poker player Richard Baumgartner would have been upset to be beaten playing Texas Hold’em with a hand containing four queens.

But Baumgartner was playing for the Jumbo Hold”˜em Poker Progressive at Palace Station. When his hand was trumped with Barbara Herther’s four kings, he walked away with $34,924. Herther won $20,924.

A bad beat jackpot is just that: a player who loses while holding what is usually a winner (such as a full house or four of a kind) is awarded a portion of the bad beat jackpot, which is typically shared with other players at the table.

Everyone who was playing Texas Hold’em during Baumgartner’s "bad beat" walked away a winner. A total of 56 players from Palace Station, Boulder Station, Texas Station and Sunset Station won $924 each in consolation prize money for a total jackpot payout of $106,744.

Baumgartner, an avid poker player who has been playing at Palace Station for over 20 years, was delighted with the jackpot he won. "Everyone in the poker room knew it was big," he said. "Everyone yelled and screamed when the jackpot hit because it was so exciting and everyone was going to win something."

Herther doesn’t begrudge Baumgartner his bad beat payoff.

"I’ve been playing poker for years and I’ve never won a big jackpot like this. I’m happy with $21 thousand, and I’m so happy for Richard as well. He’s a nice man and he deserves it," she said.

The Station Casino Bad Beat $100,000 poker progressive is awarded when four 5’s or better is beaten by a higher four of a kind or better.

When hit, the jackpot is shared by all qualified Hold ’em players at all Station Casinos. The winner and loser of the bad beat, in addition to their jackpot, also receive a player’s share of consolation money. The loser receives $35,000 and the winner receives $20,000. Every qualified Hold ’em player receives a guaranteed minimum of $200. The progressive jackpot is reset at $100,000 and increases every day until won.

Stations’ Jumbo Hold ”˜em Poker Progressive is offered in addition to the "regular" bad beat jackpots offered at the individual casinos. Check GT’s poker section for a list of casinos that offer bad beat jackpots.

Complete rules for playing Jumbo Hold ’em Poker Progressive are available at the poker rooms of each Station Casino. Property-specific poker room rules apply where applicable.

Station’s Jumbo Hold ”˜em Poker Progressive is the second "Jumbo" game introduced exclusively at Station Casinos. It follows on the heels of the wildly popular Jumbo Bingo Progressive Game, which has paid out over $9 million in jackpots to Station Casinos’ bingo players to date.