Seniors tourneyfinds spotlight

Mar 18, 2003 12:39 AM

While you’re reading this column in GamingToday, my wife Carol and I will be gaming today at the Reno Hilton for the Hilton World Poker Challenge 2003.

Paul Burnett, the Reno Hilton card room manager has invited Carol and me to come up to the Reno Hilton and host "The Seniors" World Championship of Poker Charity event on Sunday, March 23. The charity event will be a No Limit Hold’em poker tourney.

I would like to invite all seniors to come and join us and play a little poker and enjoy yourselves while participating in a worthy cause.

Did I tell you that "The Seniors" WCOP has created "The Seniors" Poker Players Hall of Fame.

Well, yes, I have, and "The Seniors" Poker Players Hall of Fame will again open its doors while we are up at the Reno Hilton on Sunday to induct its latest member.

Appropriately, "The Seniors" will open its doors to "Tahoe."

Howard "Tahoe" Andrews, that is, who will become the 47th member of "The Seniors" Poker Players Hall of Fame.

Tahoe will have Vince Burigo (a world-class player and member of "The Seniors" Poker Players Hall of Fame) induct his friend into the hall.

The requirements for induction are simple. A new member must:

Have stood the test of time for the past 65 years;

Be of good character and must have contributed to the improvement of the game of poker;

Does not need to be a world champion poker player, but it doesn’t hurt to be one;

Be nominated by his or her peers;

Play in "The Seniors" World Championship of Poker, its tournaments, and support its charities.

Any senior poker player who plays in "The Seniors" WCOP events may nominate any other senior player for consideration into "The Seniors" Poker Players Hall of Fame.

Oklahoma Johnny’s Poker Tip of the Week

Having the best starting hand is not a sure winner, but it is the way to bet. And remember, good cards played badly will produce a loser. Bad cards played good will produce a winner.

Now back to the Reno Hilton and the fact that it is an official charter member of the World Poker Tour (WPT).

The WPT will hold its inaugural event at the Bellagio, April 14-18. The feature event of the WPT tourney will a No Limit Hold ”˜Em tournament, and it will be shown on television.

To play in the WPT at the Bellagio, each participating poker player will be required to pay an entry fee of $25,000, so that each 10-handed table would generate $250,000 in cash prize money — they have got it out of the mud!

Yes, Carol, I know that you want to play the 7 Card Stud tournament on Wednesday at the Reno Hilton, and I know that your favorite game is 7 Card Stud.

Is it okay, Carol, for me to tell everyone that you will also be playing in "The Seniors" World Championship of Poker No Limit Hold ”˜Em charity event on Sunday? You know that the requirement to play is that you must admit that you were born on or before March 23, 1953.

I have already told everyone that you are the president of "The Seniors" Charities, and that you have obtained IRS permission to make all gifts and contributions tax deductible. So I guess it is okay for me to tell everyone that you are old enough to play, but I always like to clear things with you so it’s all okay. Thanks, dear.

Next week, I will tell all of our friends about the arrangement that we just made with Mike Vento, the card room manager at The Orleans, to hold your second annual "The Seniors" Charities poker tournament.

And, Carol, did you say you were going to name it, The Second Chance No Limit Hold ”˜Em Charity Tournament.

On May 20-22, the tournament in which everyone of legal age can play will award $100,000 to the winner, assuming there are 200 or more players entered. I can hardly wait for you to tell me how that is going to work.

Remember, until next time to stay lucky.