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Caesars banking on Celine’s ‘A New Day’

Mar 18, 2003 1:01 AM

The wait is nearly over as final preparations are made for "A New Day" starring Celine Dion at Caesars Palace’s spectacular Colosseum. Celine is the talk of the town, and there’s no question that "A New Day" will be the crown jewel of Park Place Entertainment, hopefully bringing the grandeur back to Caesars Palace.

I’m predicting the show will raise the entertainment bar along The Strip. How it will affect the Las Vegas economy and the other shows we’ll have to wait and see. You can bet an A-list of celebrities and media will be flocking to Las Vegas and the Colosseum to experience a very special evening with Celine.

Oprah Winfrey viewed a preview of the show last week and did a weekend interview with Celine for a show that will air opening day.

It’s been quite a metamorphosis for Caesars Palace: shuttering the famed Circus Maximus showroom, adding the Colosseum and signing Celine to perform 200 shows a year for three years, plus all the other changes (new restaurants, revamped sports book, etc.).

On the dates when Celine takes a break from "A New Day," Caesars has plans to host other major events at the Colosseum. Jerry Seinfeld, making his first appearance in Las Vegas in eight years, will be at the Colosseum on May 2-3. Since Jerry quit filming his weekly television show, a lot of things have happened to him. He got married, has children, and is now returning to his beloved stand-up comedy.

The phone line (yes, I only have one line and it’s connected to an old, black rotary telephone) is still steaming from friends telling me that they heard all the kind words Clint Holmes had to say on the radio about yours truly. (It’s obvious, Clint doesn’t know my past.) There’s no doubt Clint and I belong to the mutual admiration society. Clint’s talent is surpassed only by his kindness, his generosity, and I should know, his continued commitment to this community.

Clint hosted the Review Journal’s Best of Las Vegas awards at the Clint Holmes Theater at Harrah’s last weekend. I’m hearing that a winner got hints of winning a major award and still decided not to show. Wonder how that could be?

Hey, the Suncoast is presenting a talent show hosted by Channel 3 weatherman, John Fredericks. The qualifying shows are scheduled for April 10-17 with the finale slated for April 24. Showtime is 4 p.m. each day and, believe it or not, I’ll be a celebrity host. Should be fun. Eat your heart out American Idol!

The calendar of up-coming shows includes Kenny G at the Aladdin on March 29 and the Manhattan Transfer on April 12 at the Riviera — both have great and unique sounds.

Don Rickles with my lovely friend and Emmy award winner Lorna Luft will be at the Stardust on May 29.

It’s true, kings and queens reign in Las Vegas! The short list contains King Mayor, Oscar Goodman (although he sometimes plays the joker), and the fabulous Siegfried & Roy, who brought a new kingdom to Las Vegas; Wayne Newton, Mr. Las Vegas himself; the casts of Mystere and "O", the lovely princess Gladys Knight and now Celine. Then of course, there’s myself — I could be either king or queen, if not the court fool!