Sports kiosks to get casino test

Mar 18, 2003 6:22 AM

A kiosk that automatically accepts sports, race and pari-mutuel bets is heading for a field trial in Las Vegas.

State regulators have finished their preliminary review of American Wagering’s Self-Service Terminal (SST) and the company is awaiting the go-ahead for casino testing.

Initial trials are scheduled for the Silverton, Sahara, Riviera and Gold Rush casinos, said Tim Lockinger, chief financial officer of American Wagering Inc.

The unmanned machines will accept cash, vouchers and winning tickets. They will pay off in tickets that can be cashed at the casino cage, or used for further play. The machines can also be linked directly to telephone accounts.

Ultimately, regulators may approve use of debit cards, and the SST is equipped with a card acceptor that can be activated if and when approval is granted.

American Wagering, parent company of Leroy’s sports books, sees the kiosks being a particularly big hit in smaller and rural casinos that could not otherwise offer sports book action.

The El Capitan in Hawthorne is one of the prime prospects for the SST.

"Right now, [sports bettors] in that town don’t really have another other alternative except to get in their car and take a long drive,’’ Lockinger said.