Andre Agassi follows the scent!

Mar 18, 2003 6:24 AM

SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS: He’s doing it for charity, and that should surprise no one.

According to word out of New York, Las Vegas’ Andre Agassi, who is now described as a tennis legend, has agreed to become the new face and spokesperson for the fabled men’s fragrance, Aramis.

The report in Liz Smith’s column in the New York Post indicated that in return for "Agassi’s sexy presence," Aramis will become the lead sponsor of Andre’s Charitable Foundation.


NO PUFFING AT THE SPA: Horseplayers for years have been described as having a cigar butt hanging out of the side of their mouths. That description may have gone out with the demise of Damon Runyon, but few will deny that cigarettes at racetracks are as common as tip sheets.

But, no more, at least at Saratoga Raceway. Beginning this summer, smoking will be banned in the grandstand and clubhouse areas of the famed racing emporium. The announcement was made last week by Barry Schwartz, chairman of the N.Y. Racing Association.

There were few other track operators at a meeting in Florida who were prepared to make similar announcements. All were aware of the experience that tracks in Delaware have had since a smoking ban was imposed last September. In meantime, 25% of its business has gone up in smoke.


GAS CARD PROMOTIONS GROWING: As gasoline prices continue to rise, with some estimates suggesting they could go to $3 a gallon, some casinos have been looking for promotions to offset the costs of traveling to their properties.

Anticipating a problem, a casino in Reno -- the Gold Dust West Casino at Fourth and Vine streets — began a promotion that offers "gas cards" with values of $5, $10 and $25. The casino caters to locals, primarily, and offers the prizes through their Gold Dust Club system.

In Las Vegas, Terrible’s Casino operated by the Herbst Brothers, has been offering "gas cards" for the past few months to lucky patrons. Of course, gasoline promotions fit right into the family’s other activity. They operate gas service stations all over town.


DUBAI RACING IGNORES IRAQ: Some 13 American horses are expected to participate in the Dubai World Cup on March 29, despite warnings from government sources to leave the United Arab Emirates, of which Dubai is a member state.

World Cup sponsors, supported by the Dubai government, said they are going forward with the big day of racing even though the region continues to be the focus of world affairs.

Les Benton, chairman of the Dubai World Cub committee, insisted that the World Cup would go forward regardless what may happen with Iraq.

"After all," he said, "Dubai is the safest place in the world."


HERE’S A $40 MILLION MEGA TIP! Have you ever noticed how virtually all the big jackpot winners win with just a minimal amount of money invested, and often while they were on the way to someplace else? The mega winners never admit to sitting in front of the machine for hours, stuffing their loved ones’ inheritance into the coin slot, dragging along, hunkered down, hoping and praying that lightning will strike and they’ll win something, anything.

So that must be the secret to winning: You have to play hit-and-run style, never spend more than $10 and be passing through while on the way to somewhere else.

Now that the MegaBucks jackpot has climbed over the $40 million mark, it’s time to start playing MegaBucks. So, it will be our task to play MegaBucks, whenever we see a machine, but by only playing $10 at a time.

If a hapless geek from who-knows-where can do it, so can I!


BEWARE THOSE FLYING COGNAC BOTTLES! Remember the movie "Cocktails" starring Tom Cruise? In the film, Tom plays a bartender with a gift for juggling bottles, bedding young women and fouling up his life. Tom may not have been the World’s Greatest Bartender, but someone may walk away with that title next Monday at the Aladdin as the casino plays host to the fifth annual Legends of Bartending competition. Since its inception, this event has become the premiere bartending get-together in the country. And you don’t even need an apron to attend. Just fork over the $20 and you can take part in all the fun. Just make sure you have a designated driver. Or is that a designated bottle juggler?