Casinos only way
Sullivan rebounds

Apr 1, 2003 3:48 AM

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here are portions of opinion pieces and unusual happenings pertaining to gaming activities across the USA.

Reporter Michele Leyko cites in her article how Sullivan County, once a tourist hot spot, has been reduced to an abundance of closed-down businesses and hotels.

Leyko sees casinos as the solution to bring the upstate New York venue back to prominence.

"If you ask any youth about living in Sullivan County, they would most probably complain that there is nothing to do. Bringing casinos and all that comes with them would be like a dream come true."

Middletown Times Herald-Record

Maryland slots for Yahoos

Columnist Dan Rodricks sides with U. of Maryland economics professor Robert Carpenter and against the governor’s recently approved slot plan for the state horse racing tracks.

"The professor estimates that the latest proposal would give the track owners about $650 million more than they really need in motivation to turn their facilities into massive, glittery ”˜racinos.’ "

"I’m no phrase-coiner, but a couple of weeks ago I came up with a new name for Baltimore because of all the money the city throws at highly paid consultants and out-of-town experts: Yahoo City."

The Baltimore Sun

Win-win in Minn

Mayor Bill Mars believes he is not from another planet when he says that his city of Shakopee, Canterbury Park and the state of Minnesota should benefit from popular gambling.

"Anyone who says no to the expansion of gambling should just look around. Gambling expands all the time”¦The state’s own Minnesota Lottery has expanded several times with the introduction of new games and ways to play.

"I feel the state has and is missing out on a very important opportunity to collect revenue from this source. I feel this is win-win situation. Gambling and the expansion of it are here, alive and well and a fact of life."

The Shakopee Valley News