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Texas, Sunset offer
Bounce Back Bonus

Apr 1, 2003 4:46 AM

Throughout April at Texas and Sunset Stations, slot players can receive a Bounce Back bonus for playing with their Boarding Pass Cards.

The Bounce Back Bonus allows points accumulated on the card in one day to reward the player with up to $50 in free slot play the next day.

That totals up to $1,500 in free slot play during the Bounce Back Bonus month of April. Free slot play will be awarded on the basis of $10 per 1,000 Boarding Pass points, up to $50 per day (5,000 Boarding Pass points).

Players returning to play with their Boarding Pass Card the next day can start accumulating their Bounce Back Bonus again every day in April.

Points can be accumulated at either or both Texas or Sunset Station, meaning a player who plays at one location can use his or her Bounce Back Bonus the next day at the other location.

Players must accumulate points in one day, and the Bounce Back Bonus must be used the next day. Any unused portion of the bonus expires.

Some machines at Texas and Sunset Station are not equipped to award a Bounce Back Bonus.

Players using more than one Boarding Pass Card receive the Bounce Back Bonus on the first card inserted into the machine.

Complete details on the Bounce Back Bonus are available at the Reward Centers at Texas and Sunset Stations.