Baseball, horses worth $ in April

Apr 1, 2003 5:27 AM

March Madness turns into April Contests for Las Vegas sports books.

The opening of baseball marks the beginning of Boulder Station’s free weekly contest that pays up to $500 to the winner. Meanwhile, the Orleans and Hilton will be conducting separate but attractive horse racing promotions during the month.


Each week during the season entrants choose 10 games, but no more than five in one day.

The bets are treated as theoretical $10 wagers. The winner is determined from the most correct bets from Tuesday through Sunday’s schedule. Contestants must be over 21 to enter, and all Boulder Station Sports Book rules apply.


"The greatest handicapping contest ever" is set for April 3-6 and offers $400,000 in prize money based on 700 entries. First place prize money figures to be $112,000 based upon 32 percent of the entry fees.

The format calls for each contestant to make 12 individual $100 win wagers per day at selected racetracks. Each wager must be for $100 to win. Full track odds will be paid on the first $20 with the remainder paid at a limit of 20-1.


The Hilton launches its Pick The Ponies XXII contest from April 30-May 2. The entry fee is $400 for customers signing up before April 14. The famed resort will provide $15,000 in bonus prize money ($5,000 per day) independent of all entry fees.

First place is 38 percent of all entry fees or approximately $38,000. The format calls for each entry to be allowed $3,000 in wagering per day. All contest bets are made for $300 per horse, with wagers in increments of $100 for first, second and third.

For more details of each contest, contact the sports book at those respective hotel casinos.