In search of Celine Dion’s logo jewelry!

Apr 1, 2003 6:18 AM

It’s been a week already and I’m still quelling. Not only did I experience Celine Dion’s opening night, but I’ve spent hours since cruising through her retail empire. There are so many "A New Day" signature items that I want, that is, I need.

Though it’s blatant commercialism, I love it. I would be proud to wear a brooch, pendant, charm bracelet or earrings with Celine’s name or logo on it. I just have to find the darling who will buy me one. I’ve tried her parfum, but it didn’t work, my body thought it was Right Guard.

So much has been said about her premiere, but let me add my twisted perspective. I wore a simple, but elegant, black Boss suit with an equally stunning hat wrapped in pearls, the perfect accessories. What was shocking was when I drove up to the private parking area, I was welcomed as a bona fide correspondent, a member of the press. I struck up conversation with correspondents from England, Canada, Japan and, do I dare say, France. My flamboyancy made them at ease, especially when I was answering questions about Las Vegas entertainment.

I’ve never in all my years ”” 39, to be exact ”” been to such a festive opening. There were beautiful people all over the place and some of them even spoke to me. Siegfried & Roy said something kindly, but I couldn’t understand what it was.

Others spotted, who didn’t exactly fall over me, were Tommy Matola, Dick Clark, Andy Williams, Paul Anka, Phyllis McGuire, Danny Gans, Barry Manilow, Jane Seymour, David Hasselhoff, David Foster (he produced Celine’s new album), Lance Bass, Josh Groban, Mary Wilson, Kathy Griffin, Lovee and Bob Arum, Irwin Molasky, Rikki Lake and Glenn Frye. The magnificent Cheryl Irwin-Tesmer accompanied me.

I must admit I was surprised by the absence of Frank Marino, our resident Joan Rivers. I called Frank and he said he went to the Rio to see Sunny Thompson’s new show. Shame on you, Frank, don’t be a drag.

If you’re a Celine Dion fan, you’re going to love the show. The Colosseum is magnificent; the sound system perfection and the lighting spectacular. I must admit, though, it was hot in the place because the air conditioning was turned down due to Celine’s humidifier system.

And, if you’re paying the $200 to sit in the orchestra, bring binoculars as the songbird looks mighty small on stage. The unbelievable $6 million LED screen dwarfs her much of the time.

Last week’s Oscar show received its lowest ratings in the 50 years it has been televised. Local lovely Rita Rudner helped host Steve Martin backstage with some quick lines. I was thrilled my old buddy Roman Polanski was acknowledged for "The Pianist" along with its star Adrian Brody (best actor). Michael Moore fell from grace with his anti-war comments, as did many of the ladies with their anti-cleavage statements.

As usual, there’s lots of rumors circulating around town: Mystere will close when the new Cirque show opens at New York, New York; "O" is increasing its top ticket price to $150 (okay, this is fact); and the Sahara is continuing its executive shuffle.

Don’t forget the Sun City Talent Show coming to the Suncoast. Tryout dates are April 3, 10 and 17 with the public viewing April 24. I’ve been disqualified from trying out ”” they claim I’m a professional.

Try to catch Jackie Mason at the MGM starting Thursday. He’s one of my idols.